The Rest of Our Lives

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With the arrival of the wealthy Chuck Bing, the city is on fire as the most eligible bachelor has just hit the market. This is good news for Mrs. Bonnet who is looking to get her daughter Liz married off.

During their first meeting however, Liz meets Chuck's friend, Mr. Derby, and the two are immediately at each other's throats. Their fates are interwoven in this sexy tale of drama and romance.

**This project was cut short due to various reasons but we didn't want to leave it without an ending so we brought it to a natural conclusion. Unfortunately, that means the multiple endings and choices didn't make it but people that liked v0.1 will still get a finish to the story. Thank you for your understanding.**

You can download the game for free here: https://www.patreon.com/uncleartie

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uncle_artie

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this intro is terrible i had to click for 10 mins to even get to the game and i didnt feel like wasting my time so i quit

This isn't a game. This is a comic book... Or a movie that's missing a lot of frames.

UncleArtie responds:

This is a visual novel. It falls into the "interactive fiction" genre of games that focus more on storytelling than game mechanics. In a lot of ways, it's like trying to cross a choose your own adventure novel with a comic book. This game's choices were cut unfortunately leaving it more a short novel than anything else. Thank you for still checking it out! Even if it isn't the type of game you enjoy.

Too long. Didn't read.

i wish there was one more sex scene between liv and derby even as just like a bonus thing. also wayyyyyyy too long even as a regular game. I would love to read it as like a fic instead with just the sex scene photos.

UncleArtie responds:

And my original plan was to go double the length of this. Good thing I pulled back haha Thank you for reading it!

Big step up from the previous one i played.

UncleArtie responds:

Thank you very much!