Dungeons of Desire

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Welcome to the Dungeons of Desire! (demo version)

This is the first ever version of the game, and I've put in a ton of work into getting it ready and enjoyable just for your pleasure!

If you enjoy the game, please consider becoming a supporter on Patreon. By supporting, you'll gain access to the current full version of the game, which includes:
-More levels
-More enemies (complete with sex scenes)
-More items
-Bonus sexy animations on the patreon feed
-Additional playable characters (coming soon)
-More horny dungeon dwellers to meet
-Access to the silky smooth downloadable version

On top of this, you'll be directly assisting in making DoD a bigger, better & sexier game.


Thanks for playing!

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The lie about it being $2 a month for access is inexcusable. Given that the patreon reward tiers specify that you need to be paying $5 a month to have access. Unless it's garbage semantics where access to the patron only feed and access to the current build of the game aren't mutually exclusive.

Fat-Rooster responds:

Honestly forgot to change the number in game, but as you said, it's explained in the patreon tier text. Anyone (including yourself, if applicable,) who has made said mistake is entitled to a refund.

Hope you enjoyed the game though lol

The timing is very frustrating, trial and error. The music is very annoying, was it made in beepbox?

Has a lot of promise! I'm very excited to see more of this. It feels more time-based than actually skill-based, but it's still fun nonetheless. Everything about it is very appealing, even if simple. I can't wait to see this improved and built upon!

More fun than fappable. The sex got old WAY before beating the boss. Also, your fun is dependent on how good you are at timing... there's no skill curve, I feel like I only moderately got better at blocking the Mummy and final boss some of the time, and basically I couldn't win until I got the golden dick, aka made the game easier rather than "I" got better. It's just hard to judge block timing with just a few frames of hints, maybe if the characters were moved and transformed instead of different frame sprites. Overall, it was a fun enough challenge to want to beat it, but it took me a bit over an hour.

Nymphomaniac isn't working for me either, I thought the "kill for health" wasn't but it worked one time out of a whole bunch of playthroughs.

Great game. I really like the combat, it is kinda challenging at first, but after 30 minutes it was really smooth.

Some things I would suggest tho:

1. Yeah the mummy is by far the hardest enemy, but the thing that bothered me the the most is, that his first punch is random. It is either a short jab or the slower punch and the timing for these is different. Either let him attack always in one combination or show it what comes first. This could be for example that he always attacks with the left hand first and this one is either in front or back.

2. Even tho the minimalistic controls are nice, I would use A and S for choices and D for dialog. I always feared to miss click with the potions because I had to press A only one time. It would just avoid any annoying errors.

3. Maybe add an undo button for the Upgrades, again to avoid errors. (Of course only for the upgrades purchased in the current shopping session)

4. Did you clarify what speed even does? Is it cooldown reduction for actions or the speed of the actual animation. I always felt better having some points in speed, but couldnĀ“t quite pinpoint it.

But all in all the game is really well done for a demo and I look forward to more levels and enemies.

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3.64 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2019
12:18 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG