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This is just a short but fine cartoon. It intruduces some of the charaters for my new series, DETECTIVE FROFROG. How ever this animation has nothing to do with that series. This animation is all about my love for animating without a clever plot.


I respond to all! Thank you!


what the hec

Stop wasting ya time. Gotta brush up that shit

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A true peice of shit.

That was really funny and I loved it. Pleeeaase make more of these cartoons. By the way, if you can't tell i'm being sarcastic.

I think its funny...

It was really short but I laughed.

A quick project, I take it?

I guessed that because of the opening sound cripped from Y-Town, the length, the less than perfect animation...

It's still a damn sight better than most stuff on this site and I'll be proud if I make something equally good before next summer. (2004)

The drawings look as if not a lot of time was taken over each one. (Although with the number of drawings you must have had to do, I'm sure the animation still took ages to make.)

I like the way you animate both mouths in this movie (or maybe animate one and then duplicate it? That's the way it looks...)

In Frofrog, you seem to concentrate on just one mouth - something I thought was a bit of a shame as you don't immediately realise that there's 2 mouths.

Whilst I said the drawings look quick and that, they still look good and it's nice how you redraw some stuff frame by frame to make it wibble. Nice effect, although not nearly as nice as the actual episode. ;)

Basically, the graphics are top notch.

The sound, whilst you say it wouldn't win any awards (and indeed it isn't amongst the best I've seen) it gets the job done and to be honest the look and sound made the joke almost funnier for me. It looked like a beginners Flash (although it obviously isn't) in the same way that Yoshi's Island looks like a child's drawing.

I hope you understand what I mean as that's meant to be a nice thing! :)

I actually it rather funny the first time I watched it and burst out laughing (the first time since I got up and went to work). (That's the main reason for the 7 and I enjoyed the laugh so much I had to decide between a 7 and 8.

If the voices had been perfect, it may not have been quite as funny.

I liked the ambient music. I'd have liked it to go on forever though after the animation so I could have listened to it a bit longer. ;)

Is that all you? I take it those words are gibberish? In any case, I think the 'music' works well as an ambient sound and it really sounds like an alien cafe...

...not that I've ever been in one...

One criticism - in the button to replay, you need to click straight on the text. You obviously know how to do your hit boxes so I can't think why it'd be like that...

It would be much better if the hit box was the size of the whole rectangle.

Personally, I'd like to see you make more short stuff like this in addition to your big series. :)

Frofrog looks superb but you have a wicked sense of humour and so it's a real shame that you don't submit more stuff.

On a totally different note, I was going to ask you to e-mail me at Scipt@hotmail.com as I didn't know your address. (You don't let folk access it via your profile.) Then I saw it in your movie... hehe

I'll e-mail you after I've had some sleep. In any case, hotmail isn't working perfectly for me at the moment so I think their site may be having problems or something...

McRhyme responds:

This sure was a quick thing I made. I'm sorry I didn't respond to this before. It was just that I was flooded with crapreviews on this movie. So I didn't bother reading them all!

Hope you see you review DF#2!


I thought it was okay, and it was exactly what you said it was going to be. Not exactly anything to write home about, but not zero material, either. I'd say it'd be home at or around 3.75, 3.7. But that's just me.

P.S.: You asked what WTF stood for a while ago, it means World Taekwondo Federation. Seriously, it does. In order to teach Taekwondo, you must be recognized by the United States Taekwondo Union (USTU) and the WTF. I think...

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2.61 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2002
9:40 AM EST
Comedy - Original