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Java Intergalactica

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Author Comments

This is just a short but fine cartoon. It intruduces some of the charaters for my new series, DETECTIVE FROFROG. How ever this animation has nothing to do with that series. This animation is all about my love for animating without a clever plot.


I respond to all! Thank you!


The java jive turkey

Nice toon. I really like your your music Marcus, simple, yet effective. This is a lot different to Ytown Public 1 Rock Opera, which by the way is well drawn for someone with no pen. There was interactivity during the load up which helped pass the time and is something all animators should consider, especially if it is a long load-up.

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McRhyme responds:

Yes, the styles are different. With Ytown I recykled all the parts of the bodies and used them all the time, kinda like paper puppet. It's the same way College Univeristy does it, but my grafics were better, I always thought - And I always TWEENED all parts when a charter moved. Loads of layers. Now, I will draw frame to frame and tween less. It will take move time, but it will allow me to chose any camera angle! And that's a good thing. I always try to make a little interactive thing as the movie is loading, it's a nice way of introducing the movie to the audience - And it's fun to do - Although it's very frustrating when it malfunctions and the movie refuses to play at all (I always have to uload the movie twice before the preloader works like it should!).

Pretty cool...

But I prefer Ytown public. I noticed you used some of the music of Ytown public also(right in the begginning). Are you planning on making more episodes of Ytown public or are you going to stick to detective frofrog?

I also noticed you've changed your animation style. Personnally, I preffer the Ytown Public style. But this is also cool. Probably takes more time. A change is healthy. People get bored of doing the same thing all the time so I would understand if you gave up Ytown Public.

The music during this short is cool because it's kind of pathetic, like Neverhood chronicles, which is a good thing because that game happens to be one of my favourites. Probably you don't even know the game but it's still cool. It fits the short.

About the humour, it's basically a one-joke short. Is the detective frofrog series going to be like this? One-joke shorts? Or is it going to be more like Ytown public, with long episodes with lots of jokes?

OK... I think I've bothered you enough. Keep up the good work.

McRhyme responds:

Thank you! It really nice to hear what you think. I'm chocked that you prefer the grafics of Ytown Public. I've used very different techniques, as you pointed out. Detective Frofrog will be much more like Ytown Public. A series with loads of jokes. But the grafics will be like these ones. Drawn frame to frame and with scanned real art JPEG's as backgrounds. It will take a LONG time before the first one is out! But hey! It took me a long to make this one as well and you still check out my stuff so, don't worry it'll come. Just be patient. The music was made by me, when I was in insane-mode. One night. Take care!

short & simple.....

that was short & simple...and thats always good for flashes. pretty funny...didnt take to much originality but it was arite...not much else to say bout that one...it was short...but pretty good job

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McRhyme responds:

Yes, it is indeed very short and simple :)

Just a little thing I made. Thank you for watching, and thanks to everyone for voting!


Funny characters, I liked how they screamed like that. Short and sweet. Good animation.

McRhyme responds:

Thank you! One thing I like about the sound is the fact that it is horrible. I makes me laugh. The two aliens have the exact same cry. Cool!


This is really strange, i don't get it

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McRhyme responds:

The point was that the small alien saw the monster at once. He ran from him not from the fat alien!

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Credits & Info

2.61 / 5.00

Dec 20, 2002
9:40 AM EST
Comedy - Original