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A song/animation about a little gyoza in a crazy world.

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Oh man, tragic endings... but I love the song.


HarveySeasalt responds:

Thank you Cyberdevil


Gyoza! Enough said! Beautiful and smooth music! One of my favorite newgrounds everrr!!! It's a classic!

HarveySeasalt responds:

Thanks so much!

The drawings look nice but a little more effort on the animation would make a big difference. Some in betweens and better timing would help. Little touches like having the water ripple instead being a flat image and having the tongue line up with the teeth as it moves would help. Yes that means you have to redraw more frames but it's worth it. Overall it's a fun concept but it didn't do much for me entertainment-wise. The best qualities of this are that the drawings themselves look pretty solid.

HarveySeasalt responds:

Word, appreciate the feedback. Just startin out in animation so it’s helpful to get these criticisms/tips from other animators. I checked out ur YT channel and dig the style, very fluid. I think the more experience I get the better/smoother the vids will get.