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Boss Shooter

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"Virus Faze 1" 5 Points

Destroy "Virus Faze 1"

"Flash" 10 Points

Destroy "Flash"

"soldat yellow" 10 Points

Destroy "soldat yellow"

"Virus Faze 2 Wall" 10 Points

Destroy "Virus Faze 2 Wall"

"two shooter" 25 Points

Destroy "two shooter"

Author Comments

A game that can be played by two!
1 main player
WAD Movement
Q transformation
E-transformation back
F-shoot \ skill
2 additional player (include in the menu, control Num)
9-transformation back
+ -shoot \ skill
Boss Shooter - a game about battles with the boss, the game is a platformer with the ability to transform into different forms with different features. The game currently has 5 bosses.

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I like the idea, though feels like controls would be a whole lot smoother. The shot patterns are easy to get past, actions are instantaneous, the physics are real basic... it's cool there's the two-player option too it though. Feels like this could be the start of something!


It's.... Ok I guess? The bosses were pretty easy besides two shooter and flash, until I figured out how to transform, which wasn't really explained how to do.. But when I figured it out, it was much easier. I would say this needs some work.

Fun simple game and loved how you had to switch charecters to beat some boses I would love to see you make a parody game on a cartoon in future cause your so good with makeing charecters like I can image you can make a ed and edddy game or curage cowardly dog game easy with some crazy ideas to them too!

meh coud use some work, flash cant be beaten. needs better skills

Interesting concept but poorly executed. The bosses are too easy and since I didn't figure out how skill work I defeated all of them except the last with just basic form. Kind of defeats the purpose of having skills if the bosses can be defeated with basic form. The flash boss is bugged and doesn't turn if you jump down too far from him, making him easy. Only the last boss works properly and requires player to understand and use the skill system, I defeated him using flight.