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Interface | Episode 15

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Henryk and Mischief continue on the road to revisit Henryk's old house in search of his great grandaughter.

All Interface music is original to the series, and are currently available as early access tracks on Patreon. Thank you so much for helping make these animations possible.

Voice Credits~
Flying Head by Bob Grossi https://www.voiceactorbobgrossi.com/
Daughter by Christa Elliott https://www.christaelliott.com/

Join the Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/uxvxgb3
Fan made subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/umamiyt

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I've watched all the Interface and it seems you've sort of lost direction and focus in this series. I would step back and assess a plan on how to continue, and End, the series because the past 10 or so episodes have just been these guys roaming around not really doing Anything. sure, the art style is good and I like the characters, but there is no purpose other than a strange event such as this just-introduced Face-Man. It is interesting in a vague "seriously what's going on here" kind of way, but it's starting to burn out so just Get There so the intrigue can continue.

Is this what happened when Uncle Rick took "A Life Well-Lived" TOTALLY off the grid?

the things you create are realy amazing and theyre also realy inspiring

Have big love for this webseries and your work in general. Part of what is inspiring me in animation at the moment. Always looking forward to seeing what's coming next

Always excited to see new interface episodes.