Unprepared Adventurer

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WASD or Arrows - Movement
O or Z - Pick up item
P or X- Use item

This game was originally made for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam. The theme of the jam was 'Only one' so I chose to go with 'Only one Item-slot'. This is an updated version that was made after a month since the end of the jam.

You can download the original version at the game's Itch.io page:

This is the second game I ever done and it took like a year for me to get around it, then it was just two days of work. Still, I think the reason I got burned out was because my first game felt a little disappointing, I was just starting out and had my expectations way too high, now I think I can handle it better, hopefully I will make games with more frequency.

TileSet: https://piratepoots.itch.io/dungeon-starter

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the level with nothing but mages in it was realyl funny. They all attack at the same time so you just get bass boosted magic

A nice little rock-paper-scissors puzzler that has a good amount of scenarios in it! Would love to see this concept expanded upon as I think it really has some legs to it and could lead to some great combat. At the moment, the game is pretty decent, though a little bland due to lack of polish and little touches like feedback, but it is a jam game, so not too shabby.

PeterMX responds:

Thanks for the feedback!
Yeah, I need to work more on polish, a lot of people recommended that. I'm busy at the moment so hopefully later I'll make a better game.

A very interesting concept. It's like a more fleshed out game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
It is quite short, but understandable because it was for a jam. Would prefer more gameplay though. One thing that isn't quite fitting in my opinion is the gameplay. I would love to have some puzzles that would involve interesting level design, but all it comes down to is dodging and attacking. It would fit for a fast paced game like Enter the Gungeon, but since this is more focused on using the right weapon to defeat the right enemy, it could use something other than that (I see the fast tag though, so I may be wrong, but I still think it's more fitting for a puzzle game).
I also think that the addition of damaging an enemy with it's type of weapon is somewhat unnecessary and kind of makes the gameplay lose a bit of it's charm. Why would I go through the trouble of getting a shield to defeat the skeletons when I can easily get a sword instead? I understand that using the type that is effective against an enemy makes it faster to defeat it, but in my opinion making the player able to defeat the enemy only with the effective weapon is going to make them plan out their actions more. But it's just my opinion, so you can do whatever you want.
Overall, good job! Some flaws here and there, but it's enjoyable for a few minutes. I would be interested in a sequel with more polish.

PeterMX responds:

Thanks for leaving your thoughts!
I get what you are saying. The thing is I'm really torn between making this either an action or puzzle game. My reasoning for action is that I can use the mechanic for more reflex-based gameplay by making the player choose the correct weapon in seconds. But I also understand this mechanic is more fitting for a puzzle game.
When I decide to make a more fleshed-out version I'll give more thought to the path I'll choose. Maybe I'll make to separate games who knows?

The response from the enemies attack is good / challenging. And I like the idea of ​​combine strategy with this gameplay but sometimes the hit boxes of the enemies and yours is not too clear so you can lose very quick.

A good game, keep working :D

PeterMX responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! maybe I can tweak them later, right now I'm occupied with school.

it's okay but it gets old quickly

PeterMX responds:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hopefully, the next game I make will be more enjoyable for you.

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3.42 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2019
10:48 PM EDT
Action - Other
  • Krita
  • Godot Engine
  • Piskel
  • BFXR