Spooky Starlets BETA 0.1.4

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NOTE: This game is an early build and is NOT indicative of the final version. We're still working on it and will be for a while!

Congratulations, you've died!

All is not lost though, as you've been assigned the task of producing adult films, featuring some of the Undercroft's sexiest leading ladies!

What will you create with the creative control you have been given?

GAMEPLAY TIP: You can use the arrows next to the star amount on the Production Funds perk to earn a bigger budget to make films with!

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Guest Character: Alicia -Crisis Point Extinction
The character, Alicia, is a guest from another adult game, Crisis Point Extinction!

You can learn more about Crisis Point and the collaboration over here!

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Uhh found a bit of a funny glitch, kinda killed by boner, but was worth it for the laughs. Apparently with Ryder, her hair and tail go apeshit when in the cowgirl position.

Very fun concept! Im excited to see where this goes. A zooom feature would be great!

The cyoa is still better.

I'm intrigued and will look forward to the next demo, not quite sure right now on how good it will end up being.
the music is 10/10 though

Doesn't even load on Firefox.