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Notes: Remember to collect adrenaline from the ground. Always spend the most adrenaline you can between every trial!

WASD for movements.
Left Mouse button to shoot
Hold Right Mouse button to speed up and becoming invulnerable (consumes adrenaline)
Hold Middle Mouse button to Shoot like a mad man (consumes adrenaline)

Right and Middle mouse abilities cost adrenaline, upgrades cost adrenaline

Remember to spend all the adrenaline you can between the trials!

Good Luck

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As I type this, I have the game going on its own. I'm just passing 200,000 points. Here's a few tips that I learned throughout my... fifteen or so minutes of playing.

• When you upgrade your auto-fire to Level 11 (it is very much possible, and only requires 1000 Adrenaline after Level 10), your gun fires as if it's in constant rage mode. Until that time, however...
• The best strategy for early levels is to hang around the center for a bit, collect some adrenaline, and then wander towards the left side of the screen while shooting to the right. Because...
• Enemies seem more likely to spawn from the right side as the strength of the waves increase, as they need about a full screen's width in distance to spawn. If you go straight left from the start, they'll never spawn above or below you, letting you take them out in a large cone in front of you. Also...
• Enemies increase in size depending on your score. At 100,000 and higher, one enemy takes up about a quarter of the screen. Thankfully, their hitbox size increases as they do, making them even easier to hit despite still taking the same number of shots.
• And now for the juicy stuff... you can spam click Middle and Right Mouse Button to use the adrenaline abilities without consuming the material. One quick burst normally fires about five bullets, maybe more if you have the auto-fire perk leveled up decently high. The game appears to read how long the buttons been held in seconds, or at least large fractions of seconds. If you can click and release within a few frames, it gives you a large burst of bullets for free... at least until you get that elusive Level 11 auto-fire.
• Also, having your ghost power leveled up past 11, when you hold the Right Mouse Button, your ghost ability starts giving you adrenaline instead. (I don't think it's possible to level the rage power past Level 9, even with 150,000 adrenaline to spend.)

My current possible high score before getting overwhelmed by enemies is 300,000. That may be the theoretical maximum as well.

Best game EU, amazing song and entertaining;
good job Author.

Controls don't always work. They seem to stop working at rather inopportune moments also. What's more, earning Adrenaline seems completely random. Sometimes I'll get 3 right away, sometimes I'll get through several minutes and not get even 1.

NicoMoretti responds:

I'm so happy you guys played this! To whoever encounters this problem in the future, adrenaline must be collected from the defeated enemies (it's the pink orbs left on the ground!). Thank you again for your feedback :)

Best. Shooter. EVER!
The sfx could use work as they are a little annoying...
maybe add another song and it's a perfect game!

becomes repetitive almost instantly.

good job on the audio. The art does the job, but the game play is just boring. I recommend adding other enemy behaviors.

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2.48 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2019
10:04 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun