Why HTF Has Been On Long Hiatuses (Part 3)

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While Ginger sleeps away the morning, the Kaplan family travels somewhere epic to figure out Cub's situation: Romania! They tag along a new friend and take a train there. This leads them to discover a shocking and pretty terrifying surprise! Watch to finally figure out the reason why Cub was sleeping 24/7!

This part has several sleeping cameos like the last one. Also, it does not star Ginger as much as the first two parts, but there are pertinent reasons for this. WHHBOLH, as I see it, is the first decent Flash story to star Jordan K and his sidekicks. ^^

Ginger, Smalltail, Jasmine, Johaniri, Carrimari, Dr. Blanche Sun, Haley Sweet, Albatross, Krystal Novice, Daffni Novice, Carla Hoof, Larry Moon, Dr. Chrysanthemum Moon, Speedy Quilt, Superior Ace, Trauma Redwood, Karma Redwood, Fiona Redwood, Raffles White, Bestin-Carol Buckgap, Marianne White, Harold Buckgap, Cramer Sweet, Layla Sweet, Prune Hoof, Harry, Danwersa*, Aster* (c) me
David, Bigtail, Jordan K, Hovee, Jamie, Amanda, Joshua, Jessica, Soniclight, Julia, Ripley, Snake-Tail (c) Jordan Kaplan
Cuddles, Mittens, Nutty, Pop, Lumpy, Disco Bear, Cub, Giggles, Truffles, Sniffles, Chortle, Toothy, Whistle, Petunia, Flaky, Handy, The Mole, Russell, Flippy (c) MondoMedia
Zoe, Snowers (c) Pierdon Dallas
Snickers (c) Mark Martinez
Skaggles (c) Skaggles
Risky (c) RiskFX
Elemental, Nuggy (c) William Drennen
Sleepmoon, Joe Ray, Dara Ray, Sponer, Troy (c) Adam Carter
Winter (c) Anna
Jordicc (c) Doctor Venuz
Brainy (c) Morgan Millington
Timid, Blingy (c) Vaughn
Brownie (c) RobyCat900
Sage (c) Sage21HTF
Annalise (c) Rainbroach

*Non-HTF characters in a video game cameo.

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Can I star in a vid with y'all

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Sep 10, 2019
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