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100 Bullet Dungeon

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A top down shooter/linear dungeon crawl, made for Weekly Game Jam 100.

Controls: WASD for movement, mouse to aim and shoot, space to dodgeroll.

You only have 100 bullets, but they're reusable. Walk over bullets to pick them back up (No need to pickup the bullets after you kill all the enemies -- you start each level with 100). Shoot boxes for health pickups.

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Neat concept, and well executed. Only thing is that the dodge roll is pretty much useless. No invincibility as far as I can tell, and you can't roll through enemies, which sucks because most enemies attack by charging into you.

Really fun but too short

Very Cool, Especially the Slimes that retain the bullets you shoot at it and fire back after death, very nice touch and bonus points for originality. I did however find a bug where when you roll after holding down the shoot button the audio of the shoot breaks and keeps playing even though I am no longer shooting. Other than that very cool


great but a bit short