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Arrow left and right for horizontal movement;

Arrow up to rotate the piece (or optionally Z and X to rotate anti-clockwise and clockwise);

Arrow down to quicken the drop rate;

Space bar to drop the piece instantly;

P our Pause to pause the game.

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Nice Tetris game. I didn't die too quickly so yay! Ha! I like your color palette and the preview window feature. Overall, the game played well. I did have a little bit of trouble moving the tiles into tight places, and could not move after hitting the fast drop down. Also I like having some single cubes too. Love that brilliant "regain focus" tip! Nice job! Please make more games. :)

Nice project overall, but please add a Quick-Drop and Some SFX/Music.

A neat project to learn game dev, but there are far better free Tetris games out there.

You did a decent job on this, I didn't notice any bugs, but the controls feel kinda clunky. I don't see a reason to limit controls to arrow keys. Why not Z and X to rotate, allowing UP to quick-drop?

The pieces are a little sticky, would be nice if I could move horizontal even when the piece reaches the bottom. and i don't like that i can't move left or right once down is pressed.

Finally, the game feels pretty boring, no sounds or music, it takes a while for pieces to drop (especially since the down button is a big commitment) and no cool effects. you could probably earn 2 more stars from me just by adding some juice.

DiskCrash responds:

Having one button to rotate the piece, having to fully commit to a drop, and the pieces being sticky are all intentional mechanics that I took from a lewd Tetris game I had on my first computer (basically the only tetris game I had played).

I have read that newer Tetris games are easier when it comes to these particular mechanics like how you can rotate the piece indefinitely to stall for time until you decide where you want to put it but I find that to be too boring.

However, all of the other things you have mentioned I do agree with.

Presioné la tecla para que bajara la pieza y se acomodara en la parte del fondo y dejo de responder, se quedó a medio camino.

Edit: El navegador si permite dicho almacenamiento, de hecho salio el mensaje de lost y algo más que por el momento no recuerdo cuando dejo de responder.

DiskCrash responds:

Does your internet browser support web storage? That's the only reason I can come up with why the game froze like that.

Credits & Info

2.30 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2019
4:00 AM EDT

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