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Arrow left and right for horizontal movement;

Arrow up to rotate the piece (or optionally Z and X to rotate anti-clockwise and clockwise);

Arrow down to quicken the drop rate;

Space bar to drop the piece instantly;

P our Pause to pause the game.


2021-06-21 version 1.3 update:

  • slightly decreased game speed shape movement wise to prevent shapes overshooting player intended spots
  • improved input responsiveness: sometimes the shapes would start moving with an unwanted delay; the unwanted delay would be longer after certain actions or under other certain conditions
  • Instant drop now generates extra score depending from which height to which level the piece was dropped, making dropping pieces on an empty play board generate more score to incentivise board clearing
  • pressing a directional key no longer makes the shapes stuck in place if they would collide with something in said direction
  • clearing the board now gives a permanent multiplier for any future generated score (x0.1 multiplier for each time the board has been completely cleared)
  • slight visual changes

2020-09-28 version 1.2 update:

  • Added the ability to rebind keys;
  • Slight visual changes;
  • Added buttons below the play area with the functionality to access the menu, restart and pause the game;
  • Removed all audio because of how buggy it was.

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Nice tetris game, had a blast with this

Not bad as far as Tetris games go. The only thing that would make this better is if it had sound or music.

Nice Tetris game. I didn't die too quickly so yay! Ha! I like your color palette and the preview window feature. Overall, the game played well. I did have a little bit of trouble moving the tiles into tight places, and could not move after hitting the fast drop down. Also I like having some single cubes too. Love that brilliant "regain focus" tip! Nice job! Please make more games. :)

Nice project overall, but please add a Quick-Drop and Some SFX/Music.

A neat project to learn game dev, but there are far better free Tetris games out there.

You did a decent job on this, I didn't notice any bugs, but the controls feel kinda clunky. I don't see a reason to limit controls to arrow keys. Why not Z and X to rotate, allowing UP to quick-drop?

The pieces are a little sticky, would be nice if I could move horizontal even when the piece reaches the bottom. and i don't like that i can't move left or right once down is pressed.

Finally, the game feels pretty boring, no sounds or music, it takes a while for pieces to drop (especially since the down button is a big commitment) and no cool effects. you could probably earn 2 more stars from me just by adding some juice.