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Poker: Panther Chameleon (Uni Project)

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Author Comments

This is a project I made at the beginning of the year and I decided to breathe a bit of life into it when I wanted to play around with Unity WebGL. *I would recommend playing the download version though (https://jekdersnek.itch.io/poker-panther-chameleon) since it is much more stable!*

Controls: Movement - Arrow Keys; Jump - D; Spin - Double Jump; Start - Enter

In Poker: Panther Chameleon you play as Poker, a blue anthropomorphic Panther Chameleon (duh), but watch out for the deadly dangerous Peggedepenguins!

Poker: Panther Chameleon is a short, one-level prototype for an idea inspired by 90s mascot platformers. This is my first game and was made in about a month during my spare time for the Games Engineering course at the Technical University of Munich.

The fantastic music was made by the simply excellent Karl Brueggemann (http://www.supermarcatobros.com NG: https://supermarcatobros.newgrounds.com) who was generous enough to let me use his compositions.

The game was made in Unity and builds upon a neat development kit by KOHCTPYKTOP (http://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?showtopic=35309).

I hope to one day revive this project and breathe new life into my OC Poker the Panther Chameleon (do not steal).

Additional bugs/glitches found in the NG version: crates can now be destroyed simply by jumping on them without spinning; a few graphical issues; some additional collision issues; random crashes; sometimes wonky controls; occasional missing sound-effects

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The sprite art is spectacular, very well made. Though I wish there was more to this game, but im giving it the benefit of the doubt as it is only a demo. Hope to see this expanded upon in the future.

Love the visuals here! The games a good bit of fun, controls can be a bit slippery but were mostly manageable. Great work!

Jekdersnek responds:

Hey man, thanks! It really means alot to me. :)

Very cool presentation and dedication to reproducing that genesis feel! Felt like you covered all the bases and have a good core engine here that you can work with. The only unfortunate thing for me is that, it might almost be too good of a Sonic clone in that it has all of the things that should probably be improved upon nowadays (slippery movement, camera/player positioned to not allow you to see obstacles in time, etc). If you agree, I'd love to see this improved upon and given its own unique voice!

Jekdersnek responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I totally agree with you, I definitely wanna give the game more of its own image and hopefully remove a lot of the issues associated with Sonic games, if I ever get round to (re-)starting this project amongst all the stress with uni. :)

Doesn't start for me either, using Chrome
No luck with Firefox :/

Jekdersnek responds:

Which browser are you using? Edit: Could be a Chrome problem, I had this problem on my laptop, but works on my gaming PC and work PC, have you tried Firefox? :)
Edit: Damn, then I'm not sure what the problem is, it worked on my laptop after I enabled WebGL. Sorry about it not working for you, dude...

Doesn't work on Chrome. Did start on Firefox. Ok game for a uni project, I guess.

Jekdersnek responds:

That's probably a problem on your end. Edit: Could be a Chrome problem, I had this problem on my laptop, but works on my gaming PC and work PC, have you tried Firefox? :) Edit: Glad to see it worked on Firefox. :)

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2019
12:42 PM EDT
  • Unity
  • Aseprite
  • BFXR