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No shy in the barn part ?/? (2)

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No shy in the barn part ?/? (2)

An other little part of an big project , in my mind i’ve think do that in only 1 bigg animation . But now i guess create all the part and compilated all of them at the end . So other part come later

Thank you at "Lalalexxi":https://twitter.com/LalaLexxiVA for have share his voice on this project !


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Fluttershy: Does that feel good?
Big Mac (not the mcdonalds get ur head in the gutters): Yup.

I literally thought of that joke while looking at this. I need Jesus.

Yeah, wow. You gotta work on your genitalia.
The perineum is all over the floor here. Along with the incorrect genitalia, the pelvis is pretty shattered. The animation is fluid though, I can give you that.

I can recommend giving these a look:

So soft animation!

I very much appreciate the fluidity of the animation. well done.

I hate you and myself take this and go
edit <3
I am sadend by my D and this work makes my happy for your skill