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I guess this can be called a 'continuation' to my previous video. Just a bundle of old stuff. Hope you enjoy.
Youtube link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om4gSW91HHs

Music credits:
Djjaner go to hell - Djjaner https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/810006
Happy Robot - 777Katella777 https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/878757
And deleted track by Fleetwire https://fleetwire.newgrounds.com/

Info about the scenes, that you see here:
[1] 0:17 Incidnet 003A - Not much info about this - just a cartoon starring Burtjack's old OC as protagonist.
[2] 0:43 Madness Oppression - This one was planned as "Madness Infliction 2" but later my .FLA file was broken and I stopped development...
[3] 1:56 Purgatory.fla - Another broken cartoon. It has no point or something. Just strange cartoon.
[4] 2:46 Unnamed.fla - Attempt to make something new
[5] 3:19 Victim.fla - Continuation of Discharge.fla, but again broken FLA and lost sprites. Bullshit.
[6] 3:40 Random Project Mercury(Ep1) storyline scene with scientists.
[7] 3:52 First version of Madness: Project Zero(Ep2). Yeh, it was planned to be such as that.
[8] 4:28 One of many attempts to make continuation of Madness: Project Zero(Ep2)
[9] 5:04 Just some accidently-found robot test lol
[10] 5:10 Imperium.fla - Canon cartoon that should be connected to Project Mercury(Ep1). Again my Flash crashed and I lost goddamn FLA file of it.

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i have quit madness community so i cant give more judgement but
you re improved

Prov22 responds:

Hope you will come back someday.. your stuff is really cool

please continue Victim.FLA

Prov22 responds:

File [Victim.fla] is broken... I can do only remake... later...

Some pretty good stuff in here, shame you didn't finish them

Prov22 responds:

All files dead, no any way to continue this...

I like this

Жалко, что столько сломанных мультов. Столько трудов на смарку.

Prov22 responds:

Ох, это уж точно... Но то что я выложил это даже не половина.. у меня многие совсем утеряны..