Sack Smash 2003

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Smash evil gnomes with your giant sack! This year we added bridges.

Programming by Tom Fulp of Newgrounds.com
Artwork by synj


Fun to play

The graphics for this game are very well drawn and animated, and the gameplay is fun-- what can I say??

My only nitpick with this is "PLEKHH BOOII PLEKHH BOOII PLEKHH BOOII"

...Magical Tanuki Powers?

This game was a sack full of awesomness.

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Simply Penis........... 8==O

God, I can't stop laughing over this!

Tom, Dan, what can i say? Your creativity is as always stunning.
"Hey, how about we make a game where you have to crush bad guys with your balls outside in the snow? Wait, even better! How about we make a game were you can jump off bridges and assault bad guys with your balls, outside in the snow!"
"Man! That's a great idea! Sounds awesome! Lets get started!"
-I can't picture how you can up with the idea, but just thinking about it makes me laugh beyond belief!
If you just worked a little more on it it'd definitely get on my favorites list!
The things that work less good is that you have to be ultra precise in the game, and that there's no pause menu, or any other menu. Different levels would also work really good. Maybe you just see this as a fast game you made for fun, but it's god potential! So please, make a sequel!
Otherwise, great great! I got to lvl 7 and got 417 score on my 3rd try, can you beat that?
-Thanks to both Tom and Dan for this.


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Hmm, something about big sacks jus sounds appealin

Wow Tom. Wow, I never knew you were the type of person to make ball jokes in games.. lol, I loved this game, and you know why? its because i know that I have the power to crush little green men with guns at will with my giant hairy sack!! B-E-A-SACK!!! Not the exact words of Ace Ventura, but Im getting off topic. The game design was good, but I didn't like how the pink kids came running out of nowhere to end up getting crushed by a scrotum. But hey, s*** happens. haha, but all of the tiny pink men, and spiky balls added to the difficulty, maybe make levels of difficulty? Making:
Easy level-just green men and pink men
Normal- Spiky Balls
Hard- Bridges, lots of spiky balls and green men and pink men.
Idk, just a suggestion..lol, but anyhow, it was a great quicky game, and I feel that it could have been better. If you plan to make another sack crushing game, try to include the option to pause the game. Little kids don't want to be caught playing games that include crushing people with sacks now, lol. Besides all of that, I thought it was a short flash entertaining game. Loved it, and I cant wait for another Scrotom crushing mayhem game to come out! Good Job Tom, Good Job Dan Paladin on another great accomplishment!

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3.90 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2002
5:46 PM EST
Action - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place December 20, 2002