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Spoople Knows: Spoople

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I will tell you about myself. I am Spoople and I want to tell you the things I know.

Studio Goblin

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I teared up a bit laughing when the voice actor started to break character. Still fantastic

very w i s e

I wouldn't mind learning more about what Spoople knows, since surely Spoople knows more than what Spoople tells above? It seems to be an intriguing world in which Spoople lives, narrated in such a both ambient and eventful way, creatively bizarre but all so very likable. Hope he takes the jetpack down the stairs a great amount of times in the future and has a great amount of adventures within the great world that waits at the foot of that stair case too! This was great.


You made a good video! I especially like your floating chair. Maybe you could do a video about your floating chair, and where you got it and such. I don't know anything about it. But you probably do.

I look forward to seeing another video by you!

FraserMcNiven responds:

Hello, Spoople here.

I do know a lot about it, thank you. I made my chair, but that is a very good idea, I would like to tell people what I know about all the things I make.

I am looking forward to having you watching another video by me (Spoople).

Okay then.

Thank you spoople! Consider, your message received. Also, spread. Thank you.

FraserMcNiven responds:

Hello, Spoople here.

Thank you for listening to what I know and how I know it. I am pleased to hear it spreads well.

Okay then.