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"...Abide With Me"

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Author Comments

Eric hasn't seen his parents in ages. It's due time for a visit.

ABIDE WITH ME is a short story/game/visual novel about Eric and his troubled relationship with his family. It's a story about his inability to communicate, and the disconnect between what he thinks and says.

Playing in full screen and with headphones is recommended.

UPDATES: Thanks to the community, some changes have been made to the original version:
- Text scrolling has been removed and replaced with instant dialogue, to better accommodate players.
- The second chapter has received addition to the intro sequence, as some players thought the game repeated itself.
- Minor fixes, such as text not appearing clearly and certain sound effects not being mastered.

Thanks for everyone's feedback and kind words!

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not bad; there could be more substance though... I really like the concept.

When the extra details were shown to the player, I can't help but think again to the moment a dear friend of mine died hours after I talked to her.

very refreshing game/story, well done!

Great stuff.

Does the dad have alzhiemers or something?