The Horny Mansion

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Download the game for a much faster load!

Windows - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bSYGJ0ibgLlt--BiKb_lb0kIhOmsDw0S/view?usp=sharing

MAC - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wPWRkPKMccn2vj2VpXP6oj-BugU7LxjH/view?usp=sharing


In The Horny Mansion you play as a husband struggling with his marriage who thought a day at Disneyland would make everything better. When this didn't end up working, and after a lot of alcohol, you find yourself in the most peculiar situation. The Haunted Mansion seems to have come to life and it wants YOUR help in restoring the 3 unhappy haunts back to a happy stasis once again!

Oh, and one more thing. If you happen to succeed in pleasing all 3... there might just be a finale reward waiting for you at the end!

Specials thanks to The Beast who worked on scenes, story, and characters. This game would not have happened without his ideas!

Patreon supporters receive exclusive access to bonus scenes and an extended finale!

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Good show! Although on principal i'm never a fan of cheating (You have kids for crying out loud!) The semantics of ghosts kind of lessens it. As for finding the true end and navigation overall, I deeply appreciate Hattaz's comment for it's guide as well as the creator's advice about the F key being a fast forward button. Let's see if we can finally fill up the mansion's residency, but in the meantime:

Happy early Halloween!

great game, love the story and animation, a few minor spelling errors here and there and would like a skip or save feature so you don't always have to start from the beginning if you mess up but other then that it was great.

To reiterate it:

1.play along
compliment her singing
2.ask her what she's willing to do
1.her father was crazy
1.she lead you to this room with a bed
2.tell her you konw what she has done
3.make a deal
3.tempt her
2.offer her head
1.she hasn't the right man
1.be complimentary
3.boast about strength
1.tell about secret talents
3.tell her where she is
3.Question her balance with those tit

I agree with mykdovahlin. It takes too much time to replay the entire game every time.

Skadootoon responds:

Hold down F!

i think a save feature or a retry a certain level would be really nice

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3.77 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2019
8:29 PM EDT
Simulation - Other