Farm Life idle

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Beekeeper 10 Points

Buy 15 beehive

Big farm 10 Points

Expand the farm to 30

Breakfast 10 Points

Accumulate 100 Chicken Eggs

Fisherman 10 Points

Catch 10 fish

Stain's goats 10 Points

Buy 15 goats

Cowboy 25 Points

Buy 15 bulls

Hayloft 25 Points

Collect 15,000 hay.

Farmer businessman 50 Points

Earn 15 million

Millioner! 50 Points

Make a million!

Rich farmer 50 Points

Earn 5 million

The richest farmer! 50 Points

Earn 10 million

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

I will fix the time, so if you wish, write in private messages. I will definitely update it, as I like this game and I want to improve it (08/27/2019)
Farm life idle - economic farm simulator!

- Become the richest farmer!
And for this, buy farm animals, and sell products: milk, wool, etc.

- Economic simulator!
The basis of the game is to buy for cheap, and sell for expensive!

- Realistic prices and hardcore!
Animals stand in the real world! (In rubles)
But this is not all, since animals need to be fed! So in the summer you need to stock up on supplies of hay and grain.

An additional complication is the seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn). Something is profitable to sell / buy in the summer, and something in the winter.

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Decent time waster - others have mentioned the issues with the medals - this is particularly annoying if you have gone over '15 goats' as this medal then becomes impossible to achieve as you cannot sell to get to 15 again!

It can do petter

i can see a lot of room for improvements but for now i enjoy playing the game and will come back and get all the medals

Saving works perfectly fine by the way. That's not what the problem is.

Problem is the game suffers from medals timeout issues, although the obvious and easy workaround for the player is to save the game when close to an unlock, refresh the page, reload the game, then pass the amount necessary for the unlock.

This is what @HerbieG was trying to tell you.

A simple fix is to record in-game when a medal is earned as part of the save, and then at the start of the game, re-submit all medals, so when a player refreshes a page, reloads the game, any unawarded medals should then be awarded on-profile.

Because once a medals connection is out (either through timeout or Newgrounds went down or something) it's not coming back up and there's nothing you can do about that. And the only way a player can get it back is to refresh the page. So do what you can do as a game author (the simple fix suggestion).

I'm not a fan of the Newgrounds medals timeout design, but it is what it is. Unlikely to affect games which are super short. Likely to affect games which take 1 hour. If it takes longer than that it almost certainly will occur, and the players will need to use a workaround.

You also could occasionally poll to see if the medals connection is still up and, if not, then reconnect it and resubmit any medals that didn't go through. It's all there in the developer documentation.

At some point the game stops sending scores/unlocking medals, because it probably disconnects from NG. This needs to be fixed. Because of that the game gave me (after reloading) the medal for 10 million, but not the one for 5. It should be re-checking it if necessary.


Ok, the saved game loaded, the score loaded, but the medal for 5 million did not.

I had to buy enough things to get below 5 million and pass that point again to finally get the medal.

kbvpneofit responds:

Really, saving doesn’t work. I’ll try to understand how to save the game. I think, in another game, https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/737249 works from me
I'll try to make normal save

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2.71 / 5.00

Aug 26, 2019
1:08 PM EDT
Simulation - Other
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