Belly Hunter

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You play the sexy Huntress, her job being to soften up her nubile, inexplicably naked vampire enemy with belly punches, and trying to keep her clothes from getting punched off while she prays her own amazing abs can take the punishment!

It's belly punching meets peril meets vampires... and the full version has some seriously sexy mini-game endings as the Huntress either finishes her opponent or becomes the hunted!

Features a thorough in-game guide, with points to spend to customize the Huntress, a pause button and even Popcorn Mode where you can watch them duke it out forever :)

Full version at www.barbarianbabes.com

Patch 8-23:
Fixed Combo Button freezing the game when playing the Naked stage with Popcorn Mode turned on.
Added FANGS button which turns on during Popcorn Mode allowing you to remove the Huntress clothing early.

Patch 8-21:
Fixed enemy buttons not triggering if you missed them.
Fixed tooltip descriptions bug.
Fixed PLAY button so it won't work until you spend all your points.

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Great game, but still waiting patiently for... ... ... (you can probably already guess it) ... ... ... SWIM COACH!!! That series is an absolute masterpiece! Love what you do over at BB and can't wait to see what comes next!

hi hwejrkr

love the game, but I want the ending : (

No reward for winning otherwise i would give a 5 star.

BarbarianBabes responds:

yeah see the description. this is the DEMO version. the rewards for winning (which is a separate game on its own) is on our website. if we give everything away for free we die =P

the art is good, but the controls are horrible.

replying here, since I couldn't reply the answer. I'm playing on Chrome in a mac book pro.

BarbarianBabes responds:

all you do is click the opponent. are you playing on an abacus? I mean it will work on a touchscreen but i highly recommend a mouse.