Sexena: Arena Tails - Episode 1

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A nameless hero finds themselves facing off against skilled warrior women in a struggle for survival.

Engage in gladiatorial combat against various monster girls in this interactive 18+ adventure!

This is the first part of a grand multi-episode adventure, with each episode featuring new content, new girls, and new sex scenes!

The full game can be found on our Patreon-

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At the time of writing this review I've found a blowjob scene, sex scene and hug scene.
Hug and sex were in same playthrough.

amazing potential, and not bad art. all you really have to do is wait out her special att with defending and attack when she isnt using that move, its honestly simple to win (in my case at least) just cant wait for updates and HOPEFULLY animations, i hope to be able to trck this series to see where you end up

Katrik357 Get gud m8 you can beat her in a fair fight too if you have a very basic understanding of turn-based combat

Katrik357 I just stabbed the bitch

Ok, once I read the comments and saw that this was meant to be a puzzle game and not a fighting game, I was able to figure out how to beat rat. However that could not have been any less obvious. The fact that the game is centered around an arena, with combat mechanics, would HIGHLY SUGGEST that this game is about combat, and not doing a bunch of talking to npc's to learn weaknesses and get the right items to solve a puzzle. If you want each fight to be a puzzle, fine, but you NEED to make that crystal clear right from the beginning. Otherwise, as you can see form other comments here, people waste a lot of time fighting a fight that cannot be won (I've seen a few who beat it through pure RNG... god help them). This leads to a large amount of frustration. Demo's are supposed to show off the game and get people into it. Frustration is the last thing you want to have in a demo.

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3.30 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2019
2:32 AM EDT
Adventure - Other