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SHIFT or LEFT CLICK to respawn

RESPAWN is a minimilistic-style platformer. In able to go places you could not reach, you must build more blocks and respawn. But it's not that simple! In some areas, you might not ba able to respawn, you might respawn differently, or respawn double.

MUSIC by Eric Matyas - "Puzzle Dreams" - soundimage.org

SOUNDS by Eric Matyas - soundimage.org

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so the insanely rapid horizontal movement when you tap left or right makes the game next to unplayable. you can't do the precise platforming required.

not that the game is hard. it just takes patience. it's incredibly easy since you get unlimited building blocks.

also up and down move the web page up and down.

A few glitches with sticky controls and some seriously messed-up physics for stacked boxes (the gravity-affected ones from red respawns), but otherwise an entertaining experience. Odd choice to use Flash in 2019, but oh well :P

I like the Gameplay, first time i experience this. Good little puzzle with grey zone and the spikes.
I would like to see a way to adjust movement speed tough since sliding precisely can be hard for tight gap. Also maybe some artwork later on instead of simple cubic world (personal preference).

Played t'ill level 9 where i got too frustrated of moving too fast and kept falling. Still good game might also be my skill set that are lacking

Vaya, es agradable la parte de que de pronto algunos de los cubos desaparecen y debes cambiar la estrategia para alcanzar el objetivo.

I'm afraid it's just not any fun. Issues are that 1) It's not a puzzle platformer since there's no puzzle element to it. I admit that I stopped playing pretty early so I don't know if some of the later levels will actually have more of a puzzle to them, but so far it was pretty obvious how I wanted to build a bridge to the goal. 2) Horizontal movement is way too fast. The only real challenge from the game was in positioning the block as far on the edge of the previous block as possible without going off, but that sort of challenge doesn't make for a fun game. 3) The level completely resets if I fall off the edge of the last block.

Edit: I came back and tried playing again, and this time the horizontal movement wasn't as impossibly fast to manage as it was the first time I played. Still too fast to get precise block placement when you respawn, but the game is much more playable now. IDK if that was just an issue on my computer the first time around or what. However, now I'm running into new issues. After getting to about level 10 or so, the blocks are no longer always staying in place after I respawn. Sometimes they slide to the left or right (once even downward), and sometimes they disappear completely. It seems more like a bug than intended mechanics. And right now I'm on level 15 and something else is happening: it's not letting me respawn in some areas that are clearly red or non-gray. I see a way I could get through the level even without being able to respawn there, but the blocks slipping around (pretty often now) is keeping me from using that approach. Playing in Chrome on Windows. Will try refreshing the page now to see if that fixes it and edit if so. -- Still running into the same issues, and it looks like blocks spawned from red areas are sometimes but not always doing that, and ultimatum479 noticed it too.

BJMgames responds:

What level did you play up to? This game contains 20 levels, and new mechanics add in throughout the game.
Thank's for the feedback though, I'll try my best to make some changes.

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2.84 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2019
12:34 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle