SlayTheCube Remake

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There is only 2 levels right now. More coming soon! This game not very hard. I wanted this game to look like it was made for the Atari 2600. This game is very simple you are red and you need to get to the blue block to be able to shoot the red block before the red block gets you.

How To Play
Use the movement keys to travel around the map. You can bounce off walls and in certain conditions you or the enemy will keep going after you hit a wall even if you release the button. The point is to be over top of the light blue cube and hit the fire button.

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boring, there is no objective

Mark4Games responds:

It's not finished

How do I even play?

Mark4Games responds:

I updated the description. I hope this helps

La resoluciĆ³n del cuadro en la pantalla no cuadra, eso provoca que los botones queden fuera del rango del jugador.

Ha quedado corregida la parte del cuadro grande y los botones ajustan a la pantalla.

Mark4Games responds:

I hope I fixed your issue.

This game is pretty seriously bugged. On the first level if when you're collecting the bullet you move up enough to hit the wall, then you bounce downward and keep going even if you don't send movement commands, while the red square stays stopped. On the third level I got killed and now if I try to reset it I just instantly die and I think (based on how the screen flashes for a millisecond after clicking reset) the positions of the squares don't reset to the initial positions for the level and instead just go to the last positions when I died.

The description of the game doesn't actually describe how you're supposed to play it. You're the red block and need to pick up the small bullet and use it to shoot the blue block. Movement by mouse-clicking the movement buttons is incredibly clunky, and keyboard controls would have been far better. But the most important issue is that the gameplay itself isn't fun to begin with -- it's just a matter of pulling a fake to make the enemy go in the wrong direction and then grabbing the bullet and shooting. I wouldn't recommend just adding more levels to the current game engine; it seems like the engine itself needs to be reworked in order to make a fun game -- either an action game (where the enemy moves spontaneously and not just when you do, and can fight back if you're not quick and good enough to beat it) or a strategy game with some real puzzles to solve.

Mark4Games responds:

The game is not finished there is only code for 2 levels thus why you find it buggy. The keyboard thing that you were talking about I didn't do that because how the keyboard stuff works in JavaScript is different and I would have to do way more to it then I will allow myself to. I made this whole game on a iPad originally that's why the buttons are there. Remember this is a remake I don't want to change the first two levels because then I would just make a new game. This is something I wanted to do because my skill has grown a lot since I made the original because trust me it was way worse like colliding into walls used to kill you but I changed it to the wall bouncing from the 2 on. The wall bouncing in certain conditions will move you or the enemy even though you don't hit the buttons. I will take you're thoughts into consideration while finishing the game. The point of me finishing this game is not to make a fun game I just want it to be a learning experience but I will try to make it more challenging. The second one is more fun but I won't be releasing it one here yet till I remake it. Please if you have some suggestion for the third one share them.I won't be changing the engine only because if I did that it would that me to long and I would rather save the time to work on the third one that is going to use construct till I finish Homeworld Takedown so I can work on a new engine. I agree with you the game isn't fun it's more fun to work on then to play but just to give you some background on this game I made it in high school 2 years ago in 9th grade I am now in 11th our school iPads don't have games on it so I have to make my own entertainment. But yeah the game isn't finished yet I'm working on it. You should check out my game Homeworld Takedown if you like action games it's not finished yet it's a big project and I want to do it right but you should give me some feedback. That's all thanks for the feedback!

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2.53 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2019
11:21 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid