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The Little Black Bestiary: "A Playful Proposition"

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The second episode of "The Little Black Bestiary" In which Tainara challenges the protagonist to a video game strip bet.

This is a NSFW erotic visual novel with an action-based minigame. (Hence the genre being set as action) The minigame is actually a fully fleshed out pong-like arcade game inspired by fighting games, and has fighting game mechanics like blocking, parrying and 7 playable characters with unique moves and mechanics.

Every time you win a match, Tainara removes a piece of clothing (and same to you if you lose) with 4 different sex scenes resulting depending on your final win/loss count in the match.

Minigame Controls:
WASD or Arrow Keys for movement. Press right to parry left to block. Double tap up/down to dash. Spacebar/enter for special attack. If you're having trouble winning, try the EZ mode in the options screen. (Though there's special scenes for loosing too!)

You can also try the windows version instead: https://cyberscherzoff.itch.io/lbb-a-playful-proposition

V 1.6 update!

This update contains additional performance tweaks and bug fixes.
Minigame mode settings have been move out of the config menu and are now simply chosen before the first round.
A dash button has been added and you can disable double-tap dash.
The script has a large number of changes and new additions, adding some more backstory and hopefully making for a more interesting read.

Thanks to everyone who has left reviews and feedback to help us improve the game!

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came for porn, stayed for the gameplay. expected to just skip through the dialog to get to the good bit but found myself spending hours trying to get through the game on normal. good shit, frustrating as hell but good shit