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Anyone who ever got one of those InstaHugs or InstaKisses from AOL has thought the same thing.... Screw that! Where's my InstaFuck?!? Well, here ya' go!

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Ooh, I'm Sooo Inspired. I Love This. It's Neat. Oooohhh.

A good second episode.

I got a kick out of the script from this Star Wars parody and it was pretty intriguing to see Osama Bin Laden in a flash before 9/11,nice job.


nothing exciting..... rather predictable although it would be cool as an emoticon on MSN or AOL or ICQ.... or whatever.

---That's it?---

Where's the love?... Come to think of it, where's the effort that should have gone into this?!

Yawn. Was that it?

I expected more than 2 seconds.