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What happens when you take 12 artists, have them write a script, then randomly pass them out for them to animate? A big headache!

With special thanks to BB10Clock and ThorClock, who helped fill in parts for people who dropped out, as well as Phonograph who helped with additional animation to help wrap it up.

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truly a mess
i love it

RealRedbookClock responds:

Why 5 stars and half, uh?

What a epic clockcrew production!

Great job! I loved the rugrats eat shit and die thing, that caught me off guard.

I got a message from CyberDevil saying that I shouldn't worry about Clock Day declining. There's more here than there were last year. I'm glad to know you guys are still around. This was a pretty good Clock Day. I had no idea this would be an anthology film. I'm used to seeing "Collab" in the title.

Well, the title was still a dead giveaway. You used a lot of music from old cartoons. Well, old as in from the early 21st century. My favorite might be the password one. Happy Clock Day 2019!

this was once again, a legendary CC collab!

if this is going to prove anything, its that, when many CC artists are gathered together for a big CC collab/art project, they will most likely produce a masterpiece of a movie...
(either comedic, serious, spammy or full of action, it doesnt matter: it will always be good, and memorable, and quite impressive for every new viewer who wishes to see our works.)

but now, onwards to reviewing the movie at hand:
this legendary collab was perfectly combined, lead and organized by the great polyhedron clock, where, without his help, this project would suffer greatly.

as for the parts, i loved every single one of them:
the collab starts with slurpee-clock's cinematic intro, and for that reason alone, it was the best choice for having it as the first part of the collab.
after his cinematic intro ends, we see the comedic mastermind of slurpee at work.
he delivers the story nicely, and everything in there is wild, funny and explosive. excellent work.

then, we've had the nicely animated and funny part of phonograph clock, who is always delivering quality pieces in each project.
the story was good too!

also, thor clock's animation of a CC wildlife documentary was awesome, and i liked how clever it was as a story/script (by poly), while most puns in it were funny and cool.
(except from the ending, lol)

then, we have my castaway collab part, which was cool,and i enjoyed animating it.
clever story too, although a bit exaggerated.

so, zombie-linclock's part was a true masterpiece and ZL always makes excellent animations with highly detailed and beautiful/realistic characters, and this was obvious in his part in here.
his animation was very good, and everything worked flawlessly in the whole clip.
my only ''complaint'', would be that sockpuppet's story was too insane for me to comprehend.
other than that, it was good.

then, we have rob-clock's story, done by the talented thor-clock.
the story itself wasnt very original per se, but with thor-clock's visuals and splendid humour, it got a breath of new air. what a nice comedic remastering!
what a cool set of funny drawings+depictions in each scene! excellent work.

after that, we move to the part of ''dojo mojo''. (its my favorite part of the collab).
it has the excellent comedic story of thor-clock, animated by the very skilled artist polyhedron, and it tales us the story of 2 rival CC dojo's, and how one evil guy will spread wrath and envy between them, with a not-so-surprising outcome...
all of the story/lines and comedy in this was perfect, and poly did a great job animating it.

afterwards, we have the (very clever+funny) story of ZL, animated by the very talented renegade clock. in this movie, we have a clever twist: instead of it being drawn with an intricate, complicated art-style, its done in a minimalistic/dadaic style, and it does pay off.
a very clever and funny presentation indeed.

so, in sockpuppet's part, we see him animate the story of telephone clock, which results is a very beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and funny movie.
the TTS voices in this were great too...

after that we have rob-clock, who tried to animate my story.
despite the fact that rob failed to deliver the essence of my script correctly, his drawings were very beautiful and detailed, and his art skills in both desigh+animation are great and flawless, so, this movie turned out to be more than just ''a short straw'', as he said.
great visuals+animation, bad adaptation.

and lastly, we have me animating slurpee's excellent story.
its needless to say that slurpee can write some of the best/funniest/most detailed stories around, so it was a pleasure for me to help out by animating this extra part.

i should also mention that polyhedron, apart from organizing this MEGA-collab, he also animated all of those short, detailed+beautiful intros for each collab part.
seriously, those are some amazing intro's and i am amazed by each one of them.
flawless work, poly! you make us proud.

as for me, im extremely proud to have worked once again in such an epic CC collab, and to have helped you in any way that i could.
its an honour and a great thing for me to do, imho.

the credits part was also amazing as well, with an adorable scene of tom sleeping in front of the TV. what a cute scene!

all in all, this was a splendid collab, showing us all what the CC can do if they put their creative minds+art skills together.
long live the clockcrew, and have a happy clockday folks!

keep up the great work, you are the best.

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3.63 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2019
11:20 PM EDT