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tom change my username or: The Story of HyundaiClock who is dead now

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tom change my username

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this was a cute short movie, Hyundai Clock!

as for your quest to change your name now, you can change it, but only if you will become a ''NG supporter'', which is a 3$ per month sub. (although you can opt out at any time, so its not a problem. and you will be able to easily change your username into ''OctopusClock'' via thing function.)

as for your movie, i really liked how plunger clock eventually became a better person through toyota-clock's teachings, and he eventually joined the ''car clocks'' club, by renaming himself into the (now) famous Hyundai Clock.

good movie, funny story, and a long quest to change your name and to find an old friend.
good stuff.
have a happy clockday.

nice movie, Hyundai Clock

OctopusClock responds:

thor change my username