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StrawberryClock Watches Jitterbug Commercial

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Author Comments

In this movie, which is objectively the best movie ever made, StrawberryClock watches a commercial for the Jitterbug line of cellphones.

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something something allegory of the cave

I watched it too! happy clockday, thor, god of thunder!

Ushnor responds:

For the full ASMR experience, you play the jitterbug commercial on youtube with the sound muted while watching this flick

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Ushnor responds:

Complicated is out; simple is in!

this was a great movie indeed!

i liked how you've drawn strawberry clock, as he's watching that cool Jitterbug commercial on TV.
and speaking of Jitterbug, what a cool company!
i should definitely use their cellphone lines services, they sound perfect for that! ;)

all in all, this was a good clockday movie, filled with suspense, action, and Jitterbugs.
keep it up, oh thor, mighty god of thunder, and have a happy clockday! :D

Ushnor responds:

In this movie review, which is objectively the best movie review ever made, BB10Clock watches StrawberryClock watch a commercial for the Jitterbug line of cellphones and then review it.

I need a to get a Jitterbug now

Ushnor responds:

I'd be happy to place that call for you Mrs. KirbyKrew