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SHC celebrates clockday 2019

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It is clockday and Smegheadclock does a thing.

Yeah, I couldn't come up with anything. I spend most of my time this year trying to make a games. Maybe I'll be able to submit one of my games to Newgrounds one day. In the mean time, here's somthing I made in about 4 hours.

Either way, Happy Clockday!

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Funny stuff! happy clockday!

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hey, that was an awesome and very funny short movie, about the frequent issues and problems that a game developer (and programmer) faces every day, while he tries to complete his projects, and to make ends meet.

i liked how smeghead-clock was angrily moving the ''player'' tile in his game slowly, and that each step in his games development made him work more and... ''4 hours later'' appeared frequently after each step of his work... (a tragic truth in such jobs)

i also liked that the posters behind smeghead clock featured his old pals from 2007 (namely our team of friends, smicorules, saltshaker clock, BOOM-clock, and me, to name a few people)
also the photos on smeghead's desk with him, shaltshaker and me were truly a nice and beautiful detail in your movie.

the final scene where BB10 appears and asks him for his help was pure genius!
your movie has excellent humour, and that final scene was a great climax to the whole thing...

all in all, excellent work.
keep it up, and have a happy clockday!

That's an accuarate depiction of development! Good stuff.