Newgrounds 2005 flash animation compilation

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lets feel nostalgia !

Hi Humans !
Mark and Art are going back to 2005 and browse Newgrounds games and movies... with a little bit of 2007 but not 2008 ! Because sometimes I can't differentiate a 2005 or 2007 flash animation

These are the fake flashes with an aesthetic of early 2000s flash animations. so sit here and enjoy the but its a flash from 2005 compilation:
* Pop Team Epic Flash Game
* Bart hits homer with a chair game
* Steamed Hams Flash movie
* A fake trailer
* star vs the forces of evil flash

➤ Follow me on Newgrounds ! https://markanime.newgrounds.com/
➤ Original SWFs on this account: https://markanime2005.newgrounds.com/
➤ Youtube version : https://youtu.be/6MHfVAiYR4Q

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It's like Mark's from the future the way he's cracking down on all that by-2005-standards revolutionary stuff. :) What a twist at the end though! The visuals sure have improved but: Youtube, noooooo! Until that terrifying ending this was great. Recognizable little bits of bashing and what-not, as well as future bits in that 2005 style, and the 2007 layout! :D Nostalgia achieved. Love it.


10/5 force me to comment on your video again vro, I'll hit you with my el silla!

welp it dose have the feel of it.

This is probably one of my favourite flash of the year, although I noticed some of the little details you could have ironed out, like a new submission having a daily award, should have had some screenshots on hand to swap out there! But otherwise, I think you got the tone right, and most of the examples give a good idea of how some more classic submissions were.

I don't know if the sound quality on the mock Newgrounds 2005 flash had some deliberate noise added, but noise did really add to the feel of those. I do also like how the whole things ends with a drastic shift in tone. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who wants to watch, but I think it was really good!



I love those anachronisms.

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3.63 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2019
3:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Blender
  • Audacity
  • Flash 8
  • Daily 3rd Place August 14, 2019