XXXX1234 Spam Adventures 4

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well well well... afther almost 6 years from the last episodie, ibe decided to continue this series myself and try to end it. with ep1, first ep i do by myself, i dont know what will be the result but... here goes nothing; i know the style is more lazy than normal animation, but it is to mantain the style of all the series.

hope you like it, here are the credits and the other 3 previous episodies(if the link doesnt go, copy and paste on your browser)

Music by Djjaner
Animation by Juanford66 and DudingDarn(intro of the movie)
Sprites by: Krinkels/JohnyPixel/GrabeL167/0Rockluki0

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

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i went to Nevada and my bro said when we visted he said welcome to Nevada lol

rather quite bizarre... but i like it.

I died when the feet guy came up. this some funny shit

Funny man i love the way random shit comes out of no where and all guys are gay

That was pretty cringy not gonna' lie.

It's not my kind of humor but I'm sure the guys who like it would like it more if they could get another second to read the text.