Crimson Keep Chapter 1

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For some reason, only the older version of this game is accessible through the Newgrounds player. I'm working on a fix for this but if you play through on the Newgrounds player, Your code may not work with chapter 2 - you can convert it by using the converter I made here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/739154

Hello guys. Thanks for all the positive feedback on my last project. I've been working on it for the past few weeks and I'm finally ready to release the full version. Let's go over the changes I'm instituting:


Raised walk speed again

Added diagonal movement, fiddled with bumping to improve collisions

Added 2 types of battle starting, on-screen enemies to encounter and randomly generated encounters.

More detailed map


Added multiple graphics and tempt animations (each enemy sprite has 3 static art and 1 animation to unlock via successive tempts)


Added Menu with following features:

Independent controls for BGM, Non-sex SFX, and Sex SFX.

Toggle Full-screen mode

In-game unlockable gallery

Status screen with detailed move explanations

Covenant screen (more on this in ch2, basically ladies that you can psychically ‘equip’ for different stat boosts)

9 slot inventory for useable items (potions, powerups, etc).


Post battle screen with exp, HP, and MP gain

Items gathered after battle

Can use items during battle.

Can run away from random encounters.


Many more main characters!

Hope you have fun playing. As always, let me know if you find any bugs!

EDIT: Already a bug! Looks like ASWD keys don't work with fullscreen mode - going to revert back to the arrow keys.

EDIT: Fixed the item inventory, which was spazzing out when you died twice. I suppose you can't just set arrays equal to each other or they stay equal even after the assignment, you have to use .slice;

EDIT: Added accessibility to the gallery at the end-game screen.

EDIT: Added a couple of things:

Skip button for particularly long dialogues

Gallery now has an unlock code for those who want to review after playing. The code is revealed at the end of the game and as long as you have it, you can unlock the gallery even if reloaded.

Fixed the encounter rate so you won't start another battle after taking a single step.

Added a Patreon link (https://www.patreon.com/intro)

Just beware that keyboard cannot be used in fullscreen mode for some reason...

EDIT: Fixed the bug where you die and spawn with the door closed - pressing the skip button to skip the Nen dialogue was also skipping the game save function.

EDIT: Added a way to generate an external save file in order to transfer stats and items from one chapter to the next! More on this later!

EDIT: Lava imp cutscene was accidentally deleted, making you have to use demonbolt on her forever -_-

Fixed. Sorry about that!

CK1 Changes 10/2/2020:

Various grammatical corrections

Minor dialogue tweaks, updating terminology and lore to match newer Chapters. 

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The humble beginnings of a newgrounds classic.
Though I wished that the mechanics remained just as simple, the quality of writing, dialogue, animation hasn't decayed the slightest and improved in a lot of ways. This level of quality I would expect from a game bundle on steam, not a totally free game. And for all it's worth, my overall experience was quite enjoyable. And there's hentai too. Good hentai. 9/10 for me.

amazing :3
on second playthrough

very good

Im sure its a good game but when i get to the crimson keep screen its says click to continue and i try clicking it doesnt work

this is actually pretty good