zum Damenhaus v.3.7.1

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Take care of your business and organize your girls. Assign them to a work room und check their actions anytime, while still being able to serve new costumers.
Later, with your reputation growing, you might think about buying slaves to maximize your profit.
Can you keep your clients satisfied with them, or do those horny folks need something more exotic? If so, you should travel through the lands finding something to appease a whoremonger’s lust.

At the beginning screen click the door to start the game. Also you can continue your last session there.

Be warned: It also contains zoophilia. If you are not into that, don't buy a kennel!
The game will never force you to get this stuff!

Please keep in mind that the game is far from finished; consider it as an alpha.
Feel free to follow it's development and read more detailed update news at: http://www.zumdamenhaus.blogspot.com

Also remember that there is always a newer version available for Patrons! So feel free to support this project at:
or at:

Have fun playing the game!

random Crow

*** critical new public features***
- new animal: yeti!

I probably insulted the yeti by calling it an animal...
Where my SJW's at?

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What do the hearts on the VIP's do? Also, what do the flasks do?

randomCrow responds:

Fulfill requests on the bullet board to increase the hearts of madeline and cassandra.
If thy are full, it will trigger a dialogue at the end of the day that enables a girl x girl animation. If you have both you can pile them up to a threesome.
Flasks are for brothel upgrades. You need reputation "insider tip" to get Cassandra. She gives you flasks every day, and you can spend them by clicking on the techtree (pin board) on the lower side of your HUD.

Amanda keeps not coming back from travels and reaload doesn't make a difference

randomCrow responds:

She is supposed to be in her room after the day ends.
if this is not happening, try a different browser or flash playing program, since this is 100% not an issue.

This game, even the title screen is has the worst and most confusing UI I have ever seen in a game before. It's a mess. lol

randomCrow responds:

lol, indeed

think you can do some balance tweaking with bronze/silver/gold clients? can't get past insider tip because i keep getting spammed with dissatisfied silver clients

randomCrow responds:

Use the tolerance system to bribe them ---->
When you click them you have 6 options to choose from that all increase a clients tolerance, which leads to them staying, if the value is high enough.

Its a 5 star idea that's currently in a 3 star state. The small details give me faith in the dev
- improve quality of life by allowing a faster "speed up" option. Game plays slow and sometimes gets bugged and save/load doesn't recover. With the slow speed of play, I don't want to start another round after a crash. Would be great if days could go through in a minute
- Bug fixes (customers getting bugged is the main issue for me)
- What do the VIP hearts do?

randomCrow responds:

- The main reason why i wont do a faster speed up button is that I am afraid that flash will break xD no kidding. the game would lag like hell
- i agree with the bugged clients. Sadly it's hard for me to recreate those bugs. I can't fix it if i don't know where to look :/

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2.98 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2019
7:23 PM EDT
Simulation - Other