MatingSeason 0.2!!

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Mating Season 0.2

Just finished up a lot of updates and bug fixes.
All that's left now are a few little secrets and hidden bits, Sleep checks and a little extra polish and this game is donezo!

If your interested in getting your character added to a scene, Im planning on filling up all the hotel rooms with supporters characters, so if your interested Message me on here and we can go over the details, Or Join the Discord over here and we can talk there. https://discord.gg/95bq2cm

If you like what we have going here, Please consider supporting Slime Kitten Games over on Patreon, We have a ton of super exciting stuff going on and planned for the near future.


Supporting us at the lowest tier unlocks a copy of Mating Season on Rom! So you guys can Play mating season on any GameBoy Emulator!

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Great game. I'm really excited to see where you go with this.

I noticed a couple of glitches.

When you press start, arrow down to quest, and teleport home, the MCs sprite disappears and is replaced by a triangle. I am playing on chrome.

Edit: upon entering the hotel, and mashing through the dialog you will be teleported to the area where your house is, and your sprite will be back.

Also when you go to the shop clerk, choose to go to the store room with him, than have him remain inside you. Go back into the store room and this time pull him out, you won't be able to go back into the store room, and the clerk will have vanished into thin air.

SlimeKittenGames responds:

Thanks for the bug reports, yo
I'll pass it onto PedVerse

this game is awesome and i cannot wait for the finished product keep up the amazing work!!!!

Its a delight to be greeted by your avatar every time you run out of stamina. After I shit a brick the first time I can now appreciate its beauty.

This is one of the best NSFW games I've seen on this website, even as a wip, good job

Ped-Verse responds:

Thats some serious high praise there, Better watch out or i might get motivated to do more.

Looks like your patreon was destroyed? unless you put in a typo, and it's actually named something else. I recommend SubscribeStar, if only because patreon is in debt up to it's ears, and likely will be liquidated by next year. Seriously, hope you are able to get some support, because this was fun.

Ped-Verse responds:

No, Im just dumb and forgot to change things after is updated the name!


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3.65 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2019
8:52 AM EDT
Adventure - Other