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Shattered Heaven Ep. 8

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Shattered Heaven Episode 8 “Behind the Veil”

After running into the CEO of Genesis Global, Lucius Malum, Adam Novus finds himself at the edge of a new life. Following Amy Caecus’ funeral, Adam is set to meet up with the man in charge of Genesis Global’s Frame division to set up a unique mech for his new life in the Alliance military. With Mathew Amare running behind schedule, his daughter, Sharon is sent in his place.

Adam Novus: Adam Tilford
Stephen Novus: Greg Nugent
Veronica Laboro: Adrian Mayes
Lucius Malum: Ty Konzak
Sharon Amare: Amber Lee Connors
Severen: Nina Sumter
Mathew Amare: Kyle Hebert
Amber Rollins: Natalie Van Sistine
Ashley Belellus: Melissa Sternenberg
Karin Dolor: Emma Breezy

Music by: Johnathan Johnson & Nate Sefcovic

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Glad to see the series back!

Glad to see this series still running strong.

Youre getting my 4 stars, because its long, and also cuz its anime so enjoy 4 strs