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A game about using the nasty, multiplicative power of cancer to mine the earth dry and become super powerful. Buy upgrades and give your workers lots of water.

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1.2a patch notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cJzoGdbVO__B9gWpQToF9UVtLxzmWdYxEPgVntWKOdU/edit?usp=sharing

If anything's funky, lemme know and I'll fix it asap!!!

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Played through over the course of a day and a night and got all the upgrades you can get in this build. Really cool little idle game with some nice animations that start to get kinda crazy when your haste is fast enough.

Only complaint would be that its kinda short atm but I know more content is planned so this is a great start.

I give this game a 5/7

Welp, ran into your soft-lock on the third reset. I thoroughly enjoyed the game up to that point, but having it break like that was a bit of a put off.

On a side note, is there any way to hard reset the game to possibly get past the soft-lock?

Drillur responds:

I have two ideas on how to get around it: there's an upgrade not TOO far in called Chunkus that permanently unlocks half of the normal upgrades, so potentially if you leave the game long enough and come back you'll have enough malignancy to buy it. Or you could go into your %AppData% folder or the non-Windows equivalent and delete the save.
But I'm working hard on an update that will wipe saves and change a lot of upgrades anyway. Thanks so much for playing, sorry for this bug!!

Mmh, it seems I ran into that soft-lock? Not getting that "free" 1 growth, is it that?

Seems to have "infected" my save, too, so reloading the game wont fix it, and I cannot purchase the "Goof Lops" upgrade. Too sad.

The general idea is ok, but i guess the entire game until now consits of like 200 clicks in total. There simply is not a lot to do here...

- scrolling up/down in the game also scrolls up/down the browser (google chrome)
- you can scroll up/down really far on the "building" tab (F), and to get back up you have to scroll back up all the way again ... This seems rather pointless (I was searching for hidden buildings / upgrades there, but found none)
- going to another browser tab effectively pauses the game (google chrome).

Now, to the gameplay:
As mentioned on other clickers, this one suffers from the "double upgrade price = double output amount" mechanics. Instead of using this double up function, use ln (logarithmic) functions. This means, during the first 10 - 20 levels, the output increases vastly when upgrading, but in later levels, the additional output is rather low. This way, people will be forced to compare cost/benefit more, especially if they want to keep their buildings running. This also should be applied to the fuel consumption, otherwise people will have to wait a looong time until they can upgrade fuel-requiring buildings. I ll give an example for the cost / benefit of the coal mine here, using an ln function and 0,2 steps for each level (starting at 1), multiplied with factor 10:

x = 1 + level * 0,2

level 0 -> x = 1 -> y = 10 * ln x = 10 * ln 1 = 0
level 1 -> x = 1,2 -> y = 10 * ln x = 10 * ln 1,2 = 1,82
level 2 -> x = 1,4 -> y = 10 * ln 1,4 = 3,36
You see, you have the "doubling" at first, like in your original game. However:
level 10 -> x = 3 -> y = 10 * ln 3 = 10,98
level 11 -> x = 3,2 -> y = 10 * ln 3,2 = 11,63
So, from level 10 to level 11, the output (y) does not double any more, but is still significant enough to consider it. This keeps on for many levels using the ln function.

You should experiment with the factors 10 and 0,2 I used for the other buildings a bit.


The best thing about the ln function: with it, you wont hit high resource amounts as fast as with doubling output every time.

Second thing is the idling phases: Of course there is something going in the head of the player ("Hmmm, what should I upgrade next?"), but as soon he made up his mind, he has nothing to do. This is frustrating especially together with the game pausing bug mentioned above. Give him a button next to each building he can click to increase the output with "manual" labor. Maybe this has to be purchased as an upgrade, first, for each building. This can also help him to "bridge" shortcomings he caused.

Shortcomings in general: For some resources are used both for building upgrades as well as for permanent consumption, it can happen that some buildings "drain" the stock of a resource so fast that the player is never able to upgrade a building he would like to upgrade unless he increases that resources output. Here s an idea how to let the player fix this in a different way: Disable a building with a button click. The building stops production and consumption. HOWEVER, there has to be a downside for this, too: when re-activating a building, the production starts slowly. for 3 seconds, it produces only 1 unit, for 3 further seconds, only 2 units ... so it will take quite some time for the building to go back to it s original production amount, and the player will think twice if he should close down a building. This phase should be marked with "starting up" building description text. This could/should also be used when a building is upgraded (not from 1, but from where the building started)

Further ideas:
- give an option to change between scientific notations (e³ = k, e6 = m etc.)
- I understandyou want to make a joke in regard to your game name with the "IRON ORE LORED" ... "COPPER ORE LORED" etc in the description of your upgrades, but using capital letters here renders the tooltips almost unreadable. I recommend to use small letters there.
- Upgrades that double a buildings output or double its speed etc. are too strong for following reason: The player carefully plans his resource distribution to meet his building demands, and then this type of upgrade ridicules his efforts ("Haaa Haaa, you were overthinking, it was not needed to plan so tight after all"). This is a bad idea because the very essence of your game actually IS tight planning of ressource distribution. I recommend changing these upgrades to "increases your output by 10%" or 20% ( = *1,2 instead * 2). This way, you wont f with the players "thought investment" and he still will have a considerable ressource bonus.

Here´s a lot to do still! Never think a genre is dead. Simply make better what is already there ;) Look where cookie clicker was, and compare to where it is now ;)

Drillur responds:

You can't imagine the anxiety that took me after I realized my game could soft-lock and I couldn't patch it because I broke the load system for older versions. What a nightmare. I'm using Newgrounds as a beta, which I now deeply regret.

Anyway, you left a lot of recommendations, but I'm not sure if I liked any of it, even if I really appreciate that you took the time to make them.

You can click the tab buttons to reset the y position of the map (or x if on the tutorial pen tab), but I will limit where it can be moved to since it serves no purpose.

"going to another browser tab effectively pauses the game (google chrome)" I think this happens with every game. It's Chrome's way of saving memory. You can get around this by opening a new window with only this game as a tab. Or, close the tab and when you open it again it will load the save that was last present and you'll get the offline earnings.

You said the "double price, double output" thing is a point of suffering for the game, but upgrading LOREDs (I consistently capitalize this word everywhere I go) triples their price, so it already takes longer and longer to upgrade everything.

Upgrades do not ridicule the work you made to get them. It is a reward for reaching that point. Once you've struggled to get 100 joules, you've earned the right to not worry about joules anymore. In this game, 2x is not as meaningful as 2x might be in another game.

I will certainly not be adding ways to manually get a higher production rate or anything of the sort. In Cookie Clicker, clicks are meaningless unless you literally break your hand with clicking as quickly as possible or get an auto-clicker. I want to make an idle game with as few clicks as possible. The only "gameplay" I want for the player is for them to be deciding what to buy next, and then throwing more decisions to make in their face after they think they've already made one.

In the update, I've implemented a "hold" feature where you can make any LORED hold its resources, preventing any other LORED from taking them. Punishing the player for doing so (a timed re-charge period) would not be fair and would encourage them to avoid the mechanic altogether. I can balance it in other ways that still keeps everything fair.

I do want to eventually have options for the game, including notation.

Thanks a bunch for playing, please keep offering feedback!!

this actually kinda fun

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2.75 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2019
11:41 PM EDT
Strategy - Other
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