Adventure High 0.56

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You live in a small town in a world of magic and monsters. In the center of this town stands a college that promises to teach new would-be adventurers how to use their magic to survive the wilderness outside.

Every person has a gift for a specific kind of magic, which ties into nearly every spell they learn. Yours is the gift of Control; will you use it for the good of others, or for your own gain?

New since .55:

- Possession scene added for Ashley.
- 9 release scenes added to Redemption route.
- 1 scene added for Ashley's training plotline.
- 1 scene added for Brittany's Rescue plotline.
- 1 scene added for Domme Julia plotline.
- 2 scenes added for Jane's Extra Credit plotline.
- 1 scene added for Willing Slave Val, Transformation make-out.
- 2 scenes added to Molly's Romance plotline.
- 3 scenes added to Corrupt Cassandra plotline for Dan.
- 2 scenes added to Frost Queen Slave plotline.
- 1 scene added to Val's Transformation romance plotline.
- 2 scenes added for casting Transform on Ashley.

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hey love your game and was wonder about doll sarah plotline is their going to be a bad or good ending to it

Very nice game but need more plots

hey its a great game and i love the story of it but the only problem i have with it is that every time i click the enter key it just freezes and i have to go to my task bar to close it like that since even the x to close the window wont work either.

HypnoChanger responds:

The enter key is having an issue due to the newgrounds flash player substitute. You'll need to switch it to using actual flash.

Konami Code

so far good i guess? lol the only complaint so far is somehow the newgrounds player keeps crashing or i easily break the game by pressing things like the spacebar or the enter key too fast, for whatever reason. it might just be the newgrounds player not agreeing with my typing speed tho. Edit: it was the Newgrounds player, lol i was apparently breaking the game way too easily by pressing buttons too soon or too fast.

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3.47 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2019
6:07 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG