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Level 1-1
1. Bobogoobo 00:00:22.12
2. badaiki 00:00:23.63
3. MathiasCronqvist 00:00:23.68
4. ReBroO 00:00:23.86
5. Blackheart723 00:00:25.25
6. HannesPaulsson 00:00:26.66
7. ArchmageJoda 00:00:28.87
8. Jack-Mace 00:00:29.47
9. Akeryu 00:00:31.19
10. Sebine 00:00:31.38
11. FilmJordan 00:00:33.97
12. LadoBadoCrado 00:00:35.23
13. Bwdo 00:00:35.90
14. Rmp13798 00:00:36.38
15. Mimivirus 00:00:37.81
16. Sigfrieg 00:00:39.95
17. JokoDraws 00:00:40.30
18. Kozlopes 00:00:42.55
19. Rongoteus 00:00:43.22
20. Cocacola4blood 00:00:43.65

Author Comments

Maneuver each level as quickly as possible in this retro-inspired 2D platformer.

Move: ← and →, or A and D
Jump: ↑, W, or Space
Pause: P or Escape

Soundtrack available here:

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I hate time trials

Damn, this game is hard! I can't believe you only get one medal for beating every level! It's freaking savage! I simply can't beat this. Level 2-2 is a complete nightmare. I've tried jumping over and over after the red stuff after the waterfall.

Well, this is still a fun game. At least up to that point. It looks quite simple, but is unbelievably complicated. Please at least have a medal for beating the first three levels. The sounds are pretty good too.

It reminds me of Super Meat Boy, and the levels are fun and enjoyable to try and speedrun. Overall pretty good.

Solid, simple platformer with a good visual style, and solid game physics with pretty tight controls!

The music was quite fun as well, pleasant retro love for my ears.

Good work!

the worst part of the game was when it was over. 5 star game for sure, but i want more of it.

Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2019
4:04 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop