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Starfreaks: The Blazing Knight

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The Blazing Knight of legend is no more, but perhaps it is time for a new hero to rise! A Starfreak has ravaged Azmar and taken over the impenetrable Ironforge Keep. Someone has to defeat it!

**Updated 12/21/2020

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It's a decent and funny adventure, but I don't really feel like I ever have to make any significant choices. The combat and dialogue don't really have any challenge or strategy to them that it feels like it may as well just be a book. I'd love to see this story have more interesting ways to approach situations as I feel like it would really shine from the creativity and humor shown.

A text adventure with a nice, clean presentation. Unfortunately, the writing didn't quite grip me. It starts off super generic, then after a while, I started just reading the choices, since they summed up the preceding description of what had happened pretty succinctly. Then I suddenly hit a 4-way branch and realized I had lost the plot by skipping everything. I wish I could tell you what was missing. Maybe I'm just not the right audience for a good old fashioned swords & sorcery CYOA? Or maybe I got the impression early on that none of my choices mattered, since they felt like the kind of decisions that might change, at most, one NPC line of dialogue before immediately rejoining the main path.

Nice game, but I thought for a second that there would be enough battles to buy everything from the shops.

Pretty neat game but I didn't feel like like I was challenged at any point. Really easy game.