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Swords and Claws

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Author Comments

This is a game developed under a nudist/naturist perspective [Nudity is here depicted as something completly normal and is explicitly presente througout the entire game.], set in a fantasy world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.
A Young cat named Nicholas, retuning home from his morning training, finds out that his family and friends got kidnapped, and now he must face lots of challenges and enemies with the help of new allies to get them back!

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such a great game such cute characters

ColonelLazuli responds:

Thanks a lot! ^^
Glad you liked it! :D

You clearly only wanted to make an adult-rated game, so you just made a made a normal platformer, except everyone is naked.

ColonelLazuli responds:

Actually, it is exactly the oposite.

My idea with this game was to promote a more casual, natural and taboo-free perspective on nudity.
That is also the reason why I bothered putting a warning in the beginning of the game itself explaining that there is nudity in it, but it is depicted as something normal. You play the game by pressing the button of "I am okay with that."
It is just a detail, but I could have written "Adult content" in that screen, and the continue button could have been an "I am an adult", but I refused to write something like that, because I don't consider nudity as beeing "adult content".

That is also why, in most websites I've posted the game, I didn't marked as a mature game when it asked.... I already have my warning for the nudity, so people will know what to expect.

The only reason why in this particular website it is tagged as Mature, is because they ask individually what kind of content is in the game, and I marked as having nudity, just for honesty's sake, and the mature rating came automatically.

But being honest now, I am seriously thinking about removing that configuration, because I am really bothered by the ads that appear around the game screen. I made the game as innocent as I could, and even used a more "punch" sound for when someone gets hit, instead of an actual "cutting" sound, just to make it less violent.
So I really feel like those ads really don't match the kind of experience I expect for my game, and definitelly I don't want people to keep having to see that while playing it...

I really enjoy it so far! Its not every day that you find a game that is not only furry themed, but also nudist themed that isn't full of porn. I hope to see more games in the future. :)

ColonelLazuli responds:

Thanks a lot! It is always nice to know people are enjoying the game! ^^

And indeed... it is something pretty rare nowadays. But I indeed intend to do more games in the future, because I believe nudist media (here referring to basically any media content depicting nudity as something normal, instead of something necessarily sexual or weird) is the best way to fight the taboo or society has on nudity.

So yeah! That may take some time because this year I am REALLY busy! But I hope I will manage to create more and better games in the future! ^^

Some of it may not be able to post in this website, because I believe there is a size limit for webGL games... so try to find me on Deviantart if you want to! ^^

There I not only post several arts, but is probably where I will reveal any upcoming project! XD

enemy archers can shoot me through walls and floor. also if spikes hurt me, should they not also hurt enemies? seems a bit unfair with those 2 issues

ColonelLazuli responds:

Kind of... but once the archers are normally on high places, I realized that if I didn’t make the arrows to go through walls and the floor, it wouldn’t be able to reach the player in pretty much no situation...

And the enemies don’t get hurt by the spikes because it is a trap for the player, and I would have to create a whole new AI mechanics to make the enemies avoid it.

Another thing is that I wanted the combat to be way more strategic than agile, so there are indeed situations where it will be difficult for the player to fight the enemies. The idea was that the player would have to lure the enemies away from each other ant to places where the player could have strategic advantage...

Sorry if my design choices wasn’t so good... but well... I am just a beginner, but I am learning a lot from the comments on this game, and I will try to deal properly with all the issues in the next one...

You've got good foundation here.
It needs some polish and some work, such as the combat can feel somewhat repetitive, but its not bad.
Keep it up.

ColonelLazuli responds:

But I actually wasn't intentending to do more work in this one...
And yeah, the combat system can be a bit repetitive, but I had from the very beggining the idea of keeping this game really simple.
Perhaps I can do better in any possible future games...