Third Crisis (v0.13.2)

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the game is SO AWESOME
but...i ran into a bug at sub level two...after i enter through the doors, the screen is completely black

AnduoGames responds:

This version is outdated, try exporting your save from this one and importing it into the new version.

Ran into a glitch during combat where the characters during movement just go back and forth repeatedly on every square in the grid along their path. It seems like the sprite's looking for the center of the square but overshoots it a bunch of times until it gets it just right and then proceeds.

The game starts bugging in the fight after you go to the prison with the wildfire girl. When it's the enemies turn to do something, they just keep going around. So you can't fo further

Is there a glitch where you lose all your saved items from a save and is there something in the works to fix it.

Absolutely brilliant game, definitely in the top 10 games I've played on newgrounds, and I've played more that I'd care to admit.
Just a few things I'd like to point out.
1. There seems to be a bug when doing the morning shift at the pub where it causes an error to pop up and the game to crash, someone below was having the same problem, not overly worrisome yet as I'm enjoying playing the rest first, but I'm a completionist, and I will find myself replaying this game to get every possible choice.
2. The game is fairly large but needs to be fleshed out more, there is too many dead-ends and empty spaces that give a sense of adventure at first but quickly become aggravating, as I said earlier, I'm a completionist, I like exploring and finding things, it is incredibly disheartening to keep running into nothing whilst exploring this game.
3. Less of a problem and more just an issue of personal preference, a level up system would compliment this game's style beautifully, you don't need to up the games difficulty, just stats that can be upgraded to make it feel like you're constantly making progress, it gives games great replay-ability.
4. There is a glitch that when you continue your game, you lose all your items, this can be fixed by just loading a previous save

Other than that, an absolutely amazing game, and I look forward to the next updates

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3.91 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2019
9:44 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG