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Magebuster: Amorous Augury (Demo)

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An arrogant mage girl summons a powerful spirit to be her servant.

He fights back in a duel, using powerful magic spells.

Will he defeat the girl and keep his freedom, or will she overwhelm him?


You can buy the full game on Steam or itch.io:

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Does anyone else have audio or is it just me I turn it on and just silence

good effort but poorly optimized, the lag is a massive turnoff. but the music voice acting and premise are all fairly decent.

I'm quite disappointed in this game so far. I expected to play this game with a "dominant ending" in mind. Though, my first ending is Ending 2: Tainted Love, I was determined to find out what is Ending 1. However, my determination was ephemeral as all the options provided lead to the same ending - a submission ending... The game did not leave a good impression on me as I expected 2 endings - since there's ending 2, there should be ending 1, right? - but was deceived. The second being a personal preference for domination instead of submission. However, the game has an interesting story thus far and I'm willing to give a 2.5 star for it. My guess is that maybe when the combat system has been implemented, then will there be Ending 1.

Belgerum responds:

There actually already is an ending 1-6. This is only a demo version of the game which does not include all endings. You can get the full version from the links in the description.

I clicked on what was supposed to be a game. This is just a bunch of text with no actual game system. What's the point of putting a demo out without even a combat system designed? How do you expect that to encourage someone to purchase the final product? 0/5 stars.

A-As your Sum-m-m-moner, I charge thee-e-e-e-

You can save-ve-ve-ve-ve me the boring expositi-ti-ti-ti-tion.

This is what you will hear if you have game audio on.