Magebuster: Amorous Augury (Demo)

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An arrogant mage girl summons a powerful spirit to be her servant.

He fights back in a duel, using powerful magic spells.

Will he defeat the girl and keep his freedom, or will she overwhelm him?


You can buy the full game on Steam or itch.io:

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good effort but poorly optimized, the lag is a massive turnoff. but the music voice acting and premise are all fairly decent.

I'm quite disappointed in this game so far. I expected to play this game with a "dominant ending" in mind. Though, my first ending is Ending 2: Tainted Love, I was determined to find out what is Ending 1. However, my determination was ephemeral as all the options provided lead to the same ending - a submission ending... The game did not leave a good impression on me as I expected 2 endings - since there's ending 2, there should be ending 1, right? - but was deceived. The second being a personal preference for domination instead of submission. However, the game has an interesting story thus far and I'm willing to give a 2.5 star for it. My guess is that maybe when the combat system has been implemented, then will there be Ending 1.

Belgerum responds:

There actually already is an ending 1-6. This is only a demo version of the game which does not include all endings. You can get the full version from the links in the description.

I clicked on what was supposed to be a game. This is just a bunch of text with no actual game system. What's the point of putting a demo out without even a combat system designed? How do you expect that to encourage someone to purchase the final product? 0/5 stars.

A-As your Sum-m-m-moner, I charge thee-e-e-e-

You can save-ve-ve-ve-ve me the boring expositi-ti-ti-ti-tion.

This is what you will hear if you have game audio on.

here's an idea, if these demos are only supposed to act as advertisements, show us what to expect in the main game. both of the web versions i have played (DKD, and this one) at this point only give you one brief ending, and tease a combat feature that doesnt exist. in this one particularly, it is clear being enslaved is not the intended route for it's depth, yet it is the only option. you should give us at least a basic idea of what the other route entails in options, lest you leave the players with the idea that it is meant to be a player submission game (which your profile banner suggests as the opposite). Mix that with bad lag that makes you want to mute voices if nothing else, and i doubt this is a good representation of the full product. If i am overselling the it with the idea of more than 2 endings of similar length, i question the idea of charging for it in the first place.