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Lust Quest: Ice

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Author Comments

This game contains nsfw content and sex scenes between characters of an anthropomorphic nature.

Lust Quest is a Lewd Questing and Party Building game where you play a novice adventurer taking odd jobs and getting in over your head.

Today's job is your adventure in getting a book from a dragon on an icy mountain!

There are multiple endings depending on what characters you beat the game with, so feel free to come back after beating it once to get a new ending!

We've worked very hard on this game and hope you all enjoy it! Please report any bugs you find or comments/critiques on the game. We'd be more than happy to address them and try to make the game better!

if you want to support more things like this, join me on my patreon!


A game by @Bugbear_Legends

Writing by @MalictheW

Scene art by @jacobsprouse97

With music by @velocirection

And @UberwulfX

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I forgot where to find Mizu TwT

Edmang responds:

you can find Mizu in between where you start the game and the farm.

this game is just awsome and great in everyway

The music alone is enough for 5 stars. The option to choose which parts we have multiple times, even for the same encounters, is also enough for 5 stars. The story, the diverse characters, the banter, *chef hand kiss*

I think the parts change option is skipped for Sasha, it skipped as if I had chosen vagina

This is fantastic. I'm glad to see a sequel to the original Lust Quest cause I found it very fun and interesting.

My only real problems are:
-I can't find out who "he" is that Mint is hinting at
-Sasha's "Talk About Rescue" option is broken (which in a previous comment you mentioned to be fixing)
-There's an option to "Give Item" to the moth but I can't seem to find any items anywhere

Other than that just a few personal issues:
-Yeti Village (Farm), Yeti Village (Town Square), Mount Aquillo (Cliffside Lake), and Mount Aquillo (Snowy Forest) all seem like they were supposed to have something and it makes this game feel like there's missing content.
-Having to try all the different combo's of characters is tiresome when not all of them have combo dialogue in the end credits, so a hint would be appreciated to save time.
-Cactmyn doesn't have enough dialogue, I love her. But really, some characters have a little extra dialogue (Mizu & Wicklow) in places like the moths dungeon and the tower entrance and it'd be neat to see more.

But those are just personal issues, nothing major I'd say. I understand it's just more work/effort that could be used in more important places.
Overall I absolutely love this game, I can't wait to see more from you in the future. I hope there's more installments and Prota holds true to that date with the Moth.

Edmang responds:

Heya there! Thanks for the feedback, let me address your points as best as I can.

1. "Who the 'HE' character is"
That was actually a leftover line from an original edit of the story where the masked spider character from Lust Quest: Cannie was supposed to make their appearance, but because I had a slight art style change that caused me to rework the art for all the characters, they didn't make the cut.

2. the "talk about rescue bug"
I thought I fixed that, but it looks like when I updated the game I had sent the wrong version up. Whoops! Sorry about that, I'll have the proper one updated in an hour or less! (so before 9PM pst on 9/3)

3. "The Give item option"
So that option is another thing that was cut from the spider interaction, I have removed it since it escaped my oversight when I was editing the game. The amount of writing in this project was at the largest scale I've ever worked at, my apologies for missing it and having it appear like missed content.

4. "x location is missing something"
Im going to try to make smaller, more denser locations next time. I think I got a little carried away with the amount of locations I worked on and you're right, the spaces ended up feeling like they were missing content. The next project im working on has a lot of changes and overall fixes to the dialogue engine and how interacting with objects in scenes works so hopefully the spaces will feel less flat going forward.

5. "The different character combos is tiresome"
The game's been out for a while, so I dont see why I can't just give a little hint here for you all!
There is an ending for the following:
Prota ending the game by themselves.
Prota with only one party member (that's all 5 characters you can party with).
Cactmyn specifically has extra dialogue if you had sex with her
Having Cactmyn and Mizu in your party
The dialogue for this one changes if you had sex with either of them
Having Sasha and Yowie in your party
The dialogue for either changes if you had sex with either of them

6. "Cactmyn is great, give me more"
YES! ANOTHER TRUE BELIEVER! Joking aside though, the content is weighted based off of how much response I saw patrons having for each of the characters. So the ones I saw more engagement with on my patreon and discord server got more attention put on them. I've also added in more dialogue for each character if they are in the tower entrance and the dungeon. so now you'll hear from all 5 characters there a little bit because I agree, it's a good idea and something I originally wanted to pursue. Time just got away with me and I wanted to release this project after working on it for so long!

Thank you for your feedback, it's truly appreciated and sorry it took me so long to get back to it. I try to read and respond to pretty much all the specific feedback I get on my projects unless it's needlessly aggressive, but sometimes life gets in the way.

If you have any other comments/suggestions/critiques feel free to drop me a PM or join the discord on the patreon, it's free for anyone to join and hang out in and I'm usually available to chat with. I'm working on a new project set in the lust quest universe that will be a bit more character focused and will explore each character a little deeper. I'm planning on trying to make them a little like bi-monthly mini-game updates similar to a webcomic format, but it really depends on if I'm able to get my pipeline streamlined so that I can do it.

Have a good day!

i'm having way to much fun with this