Lemon (NSFW, 18+)

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We are still in development, but we require community feedback in order to make this truly great! Join the discussions on Patreon and vote for the next story!


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What is Lemon?
Lemon is a free service that provides people with a community driven and ever-expanding library of Visual Novels. Think Netflix with Waifus! The primary design of Lemon is to be very discreet and mobile friendly; although the version provided on Newgrounds is the Browser version you can visit our Patreon for the other builds. If you logged in, all the progress you make will be saved and available to you no matter what platform or website you use!

The structure for the stories are simple and linear, but feel great in one hand! It also allows for very easy story creation, allowing for the library to expand very quickly! One of our main goals is to build a system that allows for other authors to produce their own content in this format in order to make this heavily community driven.

Lemon is free, and we rely on you to pledge your support on Patreon so that we can continue to make content, maintain our servers and expand this to allow for new authors! Depending on your tier, you’ll have access to early stories, sneak peeks of concept art, all the latest H-Scenes, the ability to vote on the next story and more!

- One handed story control *wink wink*... Just a tap to progress!
- Stories contain H-Scenes to go along with the Erotica. Once seen, they are accessible in Lemon’s Gallery! No strings or bullshittery included! This is free, not F2P!
- The initial content will be based on what patrons want to see. Later when we expand Lemon to allow for external authors, we expect to see the available content and niches to explode!

All characters are 18+, this is a free service that provides original and existing characters depicted in parody. All existing characters are property of their respective owners.

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now i know why some people keep complain about pay wall and can't play for "free"...

cause it doesn't register that it is free the 1st time you play or open this and all are under "patron only" and once i refresh it... the 1st 3 chap is now readable...

hope this help the others

SinfulSloth responds:

Thank you for posting this! This was actually a bug we weren't aware of!

We noticed complaints about a paywall, and we were under the impression that was only for Classroom Threesome. However, with your fix being posted here we discovered it was most definitely a bug!

This issue has been fixed in version 0.29, thank you again! <3

Sign up and a payment to play? Fuck off

While I get that you want to save on art resources, there are some times when the characters' images don't match their descriptions (notably, when they take off their clothes, their pictures stay overdressed) and it breaks immersion in the story, and there's at least one scene that notably doesn't match the position described.

is this some kind of sick joke PLZ pay me money at a bi weekly rate so you can play my shitty vidya game wow thats funny good luck dumbass

SinfulSloth responds:

Patrons support the project at a monthly rate and gain early access to the newest stories. Other than having to wait for the most recent stories, this is entirely free to the public. There are 3 chapters completely available to the public, while one which is an offshoot of the story-line is available as early access to the patrons. We understand that this is not for people that are "too 1337 to read" but you don't need to throw that kind of negativity and false information on the comments

Two stories which are unplayable to a "guest" login. Absolutely worthless.

SinfulSloth responds:

I'm unsure what you mean? The "To Be Mine" story-line of three chapters is entirely open to the public. Guest login does not effect his, logging in with an email allows for cross-platform play and does not stop you for playing.

The "Classroom Threesome" Chapter is new and therefore provided to patrons as an early access perk. This will be unlocked for the public in a few weeks

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Aug 1, 2019
3:15 PM EDT
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