Jack & Kill (2013)

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Author Comments

Please note this is a game that never was completed( all my fault) , but its been wasting away in my project folder with no one to see it. Since the new NG Player is out, I figured why not just put it out there. There will be a lot of broken parts, bad spelling and just weird shit in this game.

The original idea was don for a game jam way back then which was made by Noodle, Jonbro, and myself.

And believe it or not I still have the original files so who knows maybe the game will get a update still XD

Jack and Jill Dev Notes 29 Sept 2013
fix: There should be no more funky map transitions or gltiches going from map to map, the map corners use to really fuck things up i think i have that problem solved. let me know if it is still broken somewhere.

More cheat codes in beta mode.

There are currently 24 characters for the game.
There are currently 25 items for the game.
There are currently 15 endings for the game.(This will increase for sure)
There are currently 28 explorable maps for the game.


Please remember to send feedback if you play this. About anything at all bad or good.

Jack and Kill Controls
Arrow Keys - Movement
Space - Action Key
Q & E - Cycle through the inventory.
W - Inspects currently held item ( this can be important, inspects currently equipped item, and may bring up a choice menu for certain actions.
R- Opens up the inventory screen where you can quickly select any item.

Also at the main menu there is a toggle box for beta mode which will pop up a cheat list for warping maps, plus a cheat to give you all ( most ) of the items in the game

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Has potential but bugged/broken

-mr scarecrow is bugged, it makes u talk to him 4 times in a row
-you should allow for wasd controls
-looking for wood, i literally find a woodpile and am unable to pick any up, i have an axe but cant cut trees or break grandma's chair. im sure there is a place where im supposed to get it, but there are too many places that i should be able to find it which dont work
-it would be nice if we could hold left shift to run, since there is a ton of backtracking and we walk pretty slowly
-in the area just below little red robin hood, i can walk through the rocks on both sides
-guy needs something to cook with, there is a pot on my stove which i am unable to pick up
-have key from well, it doesnt do anything to the locked door
-have super strength potion, doesnt let me pull sword
-i believe with this number of dead ends, the game is unbeatable. ill come back and check for updates though.

Looks promising but inventory won't open... using the NG player since Flash will be 86 soon.

Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2019
1:01 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG