Winter Falling: Survival Strategy

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-- UPDATE 1.2--
- Erase Plan button added to clear all units during the planning phase
- fate bug fixed
- veterans and catapults deal more damage
- hero placement should be more important

Can you defend Winterfell better than Game of Thrones screenwriters could?


Tonight's the night!
The undead army is at your doorstep, only your castle walls stand in its way to total domination.
Withstand the siege and survive until dawn! Winter Falling castle cannot fall.

Survival will require sacrifice...

- ​Build trenches and set them on fire when needed.
- Place units in strategic locations to create chokepoints.
- Give orders to boost morale and crush the incoming undead.
- Survive until dawn!

Discuss your strategies on discord - https://discord.gg/2JRjkku

A well-trained eye might spot many and many references to the Game of Thrones series.
This is my little homage to their Winterfell battle. I'd like to give you a chance to command a better defense than the show had.

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Forget tactics just throw your troops at the enemy and hope it works, because if you try to use strategic troop movements, like a cav charge, the game just punishes you for it by not letting you recall your cav, (or infantry) and spawning more enemies.
Also the fact that the city walls don't do anything is just plain stupid.

It has a good idea but needs better execution.

This soundtrack is just awesome !

Really tough game, but it's really fun and interesting.

great game but when you get too good at it it become too easy.

I mean, it's pretty good, but realistically the winning move is just a battle of attrition. You only need to last long enough for the King to come down and for your crow to kill him; ergo, ALL tactics are best devoted to stalling the enemy as long as possible. Even the damage your forces do doesn't particularly matter, as the enemy just keeps getting back up anyways; and this is even further hampered by the fact that they stay in the same place as when they died, rather than something more productive, like going back to the beginning.

In the late game, movement doesn't matter (aside from horses, and that's only to get as many gems as possible); the only thing that matters is how much health your soldiers have, and how many men you have in general. If you min-max both these areas, you'd simply survive until...well, the mechanics prevented you from doing so.

Even as far as the special orders go, by far the most useful are whichever give your men health. Even the dragon fire is more useful for the fact that it heals your troops, rather than doing damage.

Theoretically speaking, even the numbers of the undead are pointless. They regenerate, and only a limited number can attack any single force at any given time; so it doesn't matter if you're surrounded by 10 or 100, since only 4 can hit you at once.

So yes. Most men with the most health = highest chances of survival. Aside from that, you can go just about as wild as you like. I personally prefer the trenches and swordsmen, since the former slows down the troops and the latter has higher health and doesn't retreat to push my crow to the front.

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Jul 26, 2019
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