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Guilty Force (v. 0.215 Public demo)

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If you're having trouble running this demo, or you'd like to try an improved and stable version of the game then you can try a downloadable demo of this game for Windows/Android/Mac/Linux on:

Itch.io: https://darkexecutor.itch.io/guilty-force-wish-of-the-colony-public-demo
GameJolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/GuiltyForce/418984
Wordpress: https://darkexecutor2.wordpress.com/guilty-force-free-public-demo-download-page/
Blogspot: https://darkexecutor2.blogspot.com/p/guilty-force-free-public-demo-download.html

It has a much more stable performance and slightly better graphics quality.
Hi guys!
This is an updated public demo of our game, Guilty Force: Wish of the Colony, a stealth-action side-scroller mixed with a visual novel in cyberpunk/sci-fi universe.
The game has the following languages: English, Russian and Chinese Traditional(partial translation).
If you liked this demo, please consider supporting us at https://patreon.com/darkexecutor2 or https://subscribestar.adult/darkexecutor2
Your support means a lot to us and to me personally, thanks!
Each set of animations and gameover HCGs will be unlocked by completing each game stage, you don’t have to lose in order to unlock in-game animations/gameover HCGs!
WASD/Directional keys - movement & jump/crouch, hacking mini-game control;
Left/Right Shift - sprint or rolling out when crouching;
Tab - character menu (Left Mouse Button - open item/upgrade menu);
Z/B - shoot; R - reload;
X/N - front melee attack, execute takedown (when keeping being close to the enemy);
V/M - stun takedown (when keeping being close to the enemy);
C/G + Directional keys - Aim and throw a grenade or another object;
E/Q - dragging bodies / interaction;
1..6 - quick access menu;
L - zoom (in-game);
~ - cheats;
Esc - pause menu
Other links:
Core contributors
Lead developer/Producer: DarkExecutor
Animator/2D artist: RoboticRevolt
HCG / Portrait Artist #2: Ilano
3D models: GloranLee
Music: Radiant Cadenza Studios
Chinese localization: Brian

Former core contributors:
HCG Artist: Milktea
Portrait Artist #1: Tamask
Writing: starryGrail

Credits song: A Complete Spiral - Gave Up (Guilty remix)
Prologue song: PetRUality - Dark Atmosphere [Audiojungle license]

Voice acting:
Kira Liu / Riley Montano: SilkyMilk
Sigolla Reiss: Lady Lustria
Caron Teague: VoiceLikeCandy
Ming Chan: Shiyon
Joanna Llewellyn: MidnightDatura
Female Thug: Joey Lanuza
Thug #1: Steve Hamm
Thug #2: Kanono
Thug #3: Rochester Bat
Narrator(female): SilkyMilk

Special thanks:
Dr. Linch, HentaiWriter, Rule63MePlz

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

QUESTION: The game doesn't start up for me or the loading hangs.
SOLUTION #1: Go to https://get.webgl.org and follow the instructions to get it working. Also, make sure to enable hardware acceleration in your browser. We recommend using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to play the game.
SOLUTION #2: Clear your cache/refresh the page; sometimes cached files can impede loading

QUESTION: My gamepad isn't working properly.
SOLUTION: We primarily only support Microsoft/Xbox based gamepads, other gamepads may have issues. Also, make sure there are no other controllers active in your Device Manager, as those can cause issues too. Unity doesn’t support Trigger axes, so please enable “Always run” in the Settings menu to run.

QUESTION: How can I remind myself of the controls of the game?
SOLUTION: Open the Settings menu and click/choose Help tab. It will show all control mappings to you.

QUESTION: The performance of the game is really low. How can I improve it?
SOLUTION: Select proper graphics quality in the Settings menu. You can enable VSync in Settings to lock the framerate of the game on your device, also you can disable the stealth bonus from the background, it may increase the performance of the game on some devices. We don’t recommend using VSync if the performance of the game is okay on your device;

QUESTION: I play the game on Microsoft Surface or I want to use touch/mouse-only controls in the game. How can I enable them?
SOLUTION: You can enable mobile-like touch controls in the Settings menu and you will be able to control the game the same way as users play it on mobile devices.

QUESTION: I often see “Out of memory” exceptions when I play the game. Why does it happen?
SOLUTION: Unity’s weak spot is the extensive usage of RAM in the browser. The game reserves at least 1024 Mb of RAM, but it is not enough sometimes. We constantly working on optimizing RAM usage of the game in the browser, however, we recommend to use downloadable version instead, it is much more stable.

QUESTION: I have iPhone/iPad and I want to play your game in the browser.
SOLUTION: Unity doesn’t support HTML5 properly on mobile devices and Apple doesn’t like adult-themed applications in its store. We are working on some future solution for iOS, so we recommend to play other downloadable builds of the game until we find that solution.

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Gets a plus because platformers are my favorite kind of porn/hentai/adult games. The game is generally good. The controls are good, the levels are cool, and the animations are nice.
Also, Unity.

gioco abbandonato a se stesso tanto potenziale ma non viene piu aggiornato

DarkExecutor2 responds:

Hi! I don't know Italian, but it seems from Google Translate translation that you think that the game was abandoned. It's not abandoned, we even released the version with the finished main plot on itch.io recently: https://darkexecutor.itch.io/guilty-force (it has partial Italian translation for HUD and UI, by the way). I just don't update the public demo anywhere, including Newgrounds.

Good but loading slow

I like that you also make us think. The game is well developed, graphics are pretty good. Music isn't obnoxious, More than one trap might be nice for a challenge, although I wish that continue and shoot weren't the same key. Or that it was easier to reach the non-lethal keys. I also suggest putting in a place in the menu or maybe just the upper right hand corner to remind you of your 2 objective choices (whether you need non-lethal or not). I've occasionally forgotten what I was trying to do, or sped past it by accident. There are 2 animations from chapter 2 that I haven't figured out how to unlock in game yet (yes I know about the cheat). But you've got plot, you've got brain challenges (finding the codes around the level... I'm not sure if they're all hidden in the scenery or just the ones I've already found, but kudos to you for that one. Sneaky.) The end of level 1.2 froze in Firefox as well, but doesn't on the downloaded version. I like it. I just wish chapter 2 was easier to follow. I think there are things I'm missing about it.

the keybinding is so strange. why not leftclick for shooting and rightclick for melee attack, mousewheel for non-violent takedown would be so much better.