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Now we are all slaves, and freedom is but a dream fading away (or not?) This platformer has you trying to find that freedom, and bring it to your friends. The Purple Giants have made the dwarfs slaves for far too long. It's time to fight back and escape, to find your own freedom, and to help your friends make it there too.

Update 1: Save/Load added, Skip Cutscenes Added

Update 2: Sprint command [L] + Disguise [Space bar] added!

Game made by Roberto Romao

Music by Eric Matyas

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Not a bad idea, quite original.

Interesting and fun idea, but needs more work, it's too buggy, half the time the disguise button doesn't work, and the movement is wonky, I glitched through a closed door on accident and couldn't get out of it at one point. The music is good and suits the game, but some of the sound effects are questionable, I do appreciate the difficulty tho, the way guards are faster than you and spot you easily, makes you really worried about being around them.

Well I don´t know to much about creatin games... but as an animator i appreciate the work. Very impressive dude

Not bad, brings me back to the days of Blackthrone with its interesting presentation and story. Cool progression and a big mazelike exporation. It's just a bit too clunky for my tastes at the moment; movement/climbing is just awkward with a slippery and jittery feeling. AI is a bit weird and sometimes will find me or ignore me for seemingly random reasons. AI could also stand to move in set patrols instead of random movements since it can lead to un-sneakable situations. I think it has a lot of heart and some cool design elements however (scars as life system, taking out guards with traps, free exploration with multiple objectives, etc)

While there is some decent art in the game (especially the first cutscenes), it is quite inconsistent with coloring and shading. The cutscenes also end quite abruptly, making the contrast even more apparant. It also took me a while before I saw the K during the cutscenes (just add "next" to it to make it more visible). I did like how the cutscene where you get caught visualizes the health system.

I also had the same problem as Rex9999 with the first guard constantly bugging & catching you, which almost made me give up the game before I could even try. The game is filled with other bugs which, while they do not break the game, make it hard to stay immersed. For instance how moving into a wall teleports you & the camera back. I propose using something like: "if(collisionTrue(x + horizontalSpeed), y) while( ! collisionTrue(x, y)) x += sign(horizontalSpeed)"

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2019
2:45 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other